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WRX Trade Matt Wall Paint Review

Updated Sep 30, 2022 | Posted Mar 24, 2021 | Paints, Product Review | 0 comments

WRX trade matt wall paint is a very durable water-based emulsion for use on internal ceilings and walls. In fact, “durable” doesn’t quite do it justice.

WRX wall paint is also moisture resistant, stain resistant and washable, making it suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.

Touch dry in half an hour or so and re-coat in approximately 4 – 6 hours. After you’ve applied your second coat, the paint will continue to cure and harden for the next 24 hours. This is down to the acrylic used as a binder in the paint, rather than vinyl. Drying times are prolonged, but you generally achieve a better and more durable finish.


My WRX Trade Matt Wall Paint Review


I used WRX wall paint in white, so that’s what I’m going to base this review on. The first thing to mention is the tin is solid and well made. This may sound irrelevant, but if you have paint delivered regularly, you’ll understand how often you have issues with tins bursting open in transit. These tins will dramatically reduce the chances of damages.

The paint itself is very heavy. This normally indicates quality as it means the product has a high solid content. It looks as though the product has a high sheen level on application, however it dulls down as it dries to leave a rich matt finish.


The information provided on the tin suggests you can dilute the paint by 10%, however it has a very nice consistency to begin with. Ease of application is an absolute dream!! Honestly, it just flows from your brush or roller and settles on the surface beautifully. WRX wall paint is a very enjoyable product to work with.

One issue you do experience with WRX wall paint, as with a lot of durable matt emulsion products, is it pulls on itself. If you cut a wall in then allow it to go tacky before rolling, you’ll pull the paint off again when you hit it with the roller. This is annoying, but you can work around it. You can either cut and roll one wall at a time, or cut a room in, allow it to dry fully, then roll.

WRX wall paint is expensive for an emulsion, but it is a premium product. I’ve just ordered a load to paint my own house. I have also done a full WRX Paint review and guide, which you can see here.


How Does WRX Trade Matt Wall Paint Stand up to Other Trade Durable Matt Emulsion Products?


There are a few qualities WRX wall paint has which sets it apart from other durable matt emulsions. The first is the opacity. White durable matt emulsions don’t tend to have very good opacity, however WRX is phenomenal! The best I’ve ever used! It will easily deal with a major colour change in 2 coats.

The next is how flat and even the finish is. Durable matt has a tendency to flash or picture frame. You don’t get any of that with WRX. It’s just lovely.


The big one is the actual durability, which is like nothing I’ve ever used. You can scrub this stuff and not even leave a mark.

WRX matt wall paint contains a load of fungicide which makes it mould resistant too. You just know this paint is going to stand up to anything and last for years!!


Conclusion and Where to Buy


WRX trade matt wall paint is probably up there with one of the best durable matt emulsions I’ve ever used, particularly if you’re going to apply it in a kitchen or bathroom. You do need to be conscious to avoid it pulling on itself, but other than that it is perfect.

The best place to buy WRX trade matt wall paint is going direct and buying online.


WRX Trade Matt Wall Paint Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Sep 30, 2022 | Posted Mar 24, 2021 | 0 comments

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