WRX Trade Matt Emulsion Review

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At the time of writing this review, WRX Trade Matt Emulsion is a fairly new product.

It’s an acrylic-based paint used on interior walls and ceilings. It’s only available in Brilliant White and in 10L buckets. Touch dry in around half an hour, and the recoat time is 4-6 hours. You can apply this paint via brush and roller, or airless sprayer. Dilute and clean up with clean water.


My WRX Trade Matt Emulsion Review


As a Professional Decorator, I have used a lot of different matt emulsion paint products over the years, but I like a lot of the WRX products, so I was keen to give this one a go. As soon as it was available at TopDec Decorating Supplies, I ordered a few buckets and so far, I’ve used it on two jobs.

It is an absolute joy to use!! The flow is brilliant, so it flies on and lays off brilliantly. It feels like a good quality durable matt, but WRX Trade Matt Emulsion only has a class 2 scrub rating. This makes it “wipeable”, rather than “scrubbable”.

That said, it’s still a lot more durable than most matt emulsion paints. Plus, it has quite a high level of fungicide, meaning it’s likely to withstand the conditions in most bathrooms and kitchens. Also, unlike other acrylic based paints in white, this WRX product has reasonably good opacity. You can use it to cover a mid-base colour in 2 coats. Deep colours will take 3 coats. Oh, and it doesn’t pull on itself like others do.


The finish is immaculate! WRX Trade Matt Emulsion is a bright “in your face” white that looks very clean and clinical. Because the flow is so good, you don’t get the usual brush and roller marks like you do with comparable paints. No flashing or picture framing either, which makes it great to use on a ceiling.


Final Thoughts


It’s very difficult to find an acrylic based emulsion that performs well in white. It normally pulls on itself, flashes, and has poor opacity. WRX Trade Matt Emulsion is different. It’s a joy to use and you don’t experience the usual defects.

It feels like WRX has put a lot of work into this paint. They’ve taken the formula for durable emulsion and fiddled with it until they have something that is better balanced.

It isn’t as durable as other acrylic emulsion paints, but what they’ve lost in durability, they’ve made up for with everything else.

WRX Trade Matt Emulsion is a paint I’ll be using regularly from now on. I like using it; I like how it flows and how easy it is to strike lines. It’s a brilliant all-round paint.

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WRX white matt emulsion paint on an interior feature wall.
WRX Matt Emulsion in Action 🎬

A funny video on WRX Matt Emulsion

This blog was written by Mike Gregory, Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated Apr 23, 2024 | Posted Jan 8, 2024 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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