WRX Launches New Super Ceiling Paint

WRX are proud to announce the launch their Super Ceiling Paint – An extra matt, decorative, and high-quality specialist ceiling paint. This emulsion is particularly good on light critical areas and open plan rooms. No flashing, picture framing, roller marks or other defects will be visible. This paint is designed to produce a flawless finish every time.

Moreover, WRX Super Ceiling Paint has excellent adhesion to any surface, superior opacity and coverage, and does not crack, swell, or spill. It allows ceilings to breathe. It also has excellent flow for easy application.

WRX Super Ceiling Paint hides surface imperfections. It can be used as a first and topcoat on all surfaces, including bathrooms and kitchens. Odourless and non-yellowing.

WRX Launches New Super Ceiling Paint

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