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Why You Should Invest In A Standby Generator For Your Home

Posted Oct 12, 2022 | Miscellaneous, Professional insight | 0 comments

Electricity plays an essential role in your home. However, its presence isn’t always given; it could go off for various reasons, such as maintenance or damage. Such times are when you wish you had an alternative to electricity to execute your duties at home, like cooking. 

An electricity alternative you can invest in is a generator. It converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, providing you with electricity. You’ve probably seen or used generators in your office or hotels. Should you invest it in your home? The answer is yes.

This investment will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Give Power Backup

As stated in the introduction, you can lose electricity connection to the main grid for various reasons. It could be a natural disaster like a storm or intentional disconnection. In most cases, you must stay in the dark or light a candle until the electricity supply returns. 

However, with a standby generator, you’ll always have a backup in case of a power interruption. Standby generators remain stationary, unlike the outdoor portable power stations you can carry around.  

  • Protect Appliances

You’ve probably invested in several electrical appliances to help you meet your daily needs. These appliances can be small, like an electric kettle, or large, like a refrigerator; either way, they’re essential. 

During a blackout, these appliances could get damaged, especially if there’s a power surge. A power surge occurs when a high-voltage supply lasts for a short period, after which it stabilizes to normal voltage. 

Running a standby generator, especially an automatic one, will protect your appliances by eliminating the surge effect. 

Suppose there’s a blackout, and you’ve connected your automatic standby generator. The electricity supply from the grid is restored after an hour. In most cases, the generator won’t switch off instantly. It’ll wait for a short period, often 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds, there’s a high probability of a power surge. Ultimately, your appliances won’t encounter the surge, preventing damage.

  • Prevent Interruptions

Today, remote working has become the in-thing in workplaces. Businesses are running from home spaces or partially at home and in the office. As you work from home, productivity is the key if you want to meet your daily goals and customers’ needs. 

One way you can lose productivity is if there’s a power outage. During this time, your laptop might deplete its charge, and your internet connectivity disconnects. These are the main cornerstones of efficiently working at home. Suppose electricity goes off in the middle of a virtual meeting with your client. You’ll disconnect from your customers, which might rub off on them wrongly. 

However, with a standby generator at home, you have an electricity connection whether or not there’s a blackout. You’ll concentrate and be productive the entire day, even as you satisfy your customers’ needs.

  • Protect Goods

Storage is most likely one of the activities you frequently do at home, especially in the kitchen. It’s where a lot could go wrong with all the food and unconducive environments like moisture. You’ll store leftovers, frozen foods, and other items to prolong their shelf life. In most cases, you’ll rely on your fridge or freezer for storage, which consumes electricity.

What happens if a blackout lasts six hours or even an entire day?

There’s a possibility of your stored food going bad. Even though some won’t spoil entirely, the conditions will provide room for bacteria growth that can lead to food poisoning once you ingest it. 

A standby generator will prevent food spoilage by keeping your appliances up and running during a power outage; your food will remain fresh.

Besides protecting your stored food, this generator also comes in handy if you have medication that you must keep under low temperatures.

  • Save Money

The discussion herein has stated what could go wrong during a power outage. Your food could go bad, medicine quality could get compromised, and your appliances could get damaged. If they happen, you must spend more money to buy new food and medication and to repair appliances, with others needing replacement due to extensive damage.  

With the generator, you won’t have to replace damaged food and medicine or repair your electrical appliances. Although it’s an initially expensive investment, it ultimately saves you money.


Standby generators are a must-have for any home, especially if your location is prone to power outages. The generator prepares you for any electricity-related situation. 

The discussion has given enough reasons why investing in a standby generator for your home is the best option. You’ll most definitely get good value for your money, which might be your main concern. However, the decision is yours to make; ensure it’s the right one. 

Posted Oct 12, 2022 | 0 comments

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