Why do I bother Decorating??

By Greg Jones


I’m a little bit annoyed and when I say “a little bit,” I mean why the f**k do I bother decorating at all?

Right, I work in social housing in Brighton, doing re-decs ready for the next tenant to move into. On the side I try and do bits of my own work to make my wages up.

Last week I got asked to quote 3 privates (recommendations from a guy whose kitchen I painted). One said she wanted all the woodwork in her hall glossed, but only had £160 a week in universal credit. She cancelled on me 3 times and I never ended up doing the work.

Another was to line a room, but said she was only looking to pay £80! We agreed a bit more, it wasn’t going to take all day and its steady money. I want all the extra I can get.

The last one wanted her two bed flat doing and a mural hanging, but unfortunately, I can’t paper.

I agreed the lining and full flat re-dec, only for one to call back (speaking on behalf of her other time wasting mate). “Hi Greg the painter really sorry but I’m going to have to cancel. I’m going to try and do the lining paper myself, even though it’ll take me 3 days. Michelle (2 bed flat re-dec) won’t be booking you in either as it’s such a big job for you” (even though I do a flat on social housing in less time than a week in and out)!!

Apparently, it so it doesn’t matter that I gave up a few hours of my evening, coming home from work to go back out, not getting home until late. Apparently it’s completely fine to cancel on people after agreeing jobs on the side!! I can’t believe I offered these people a reduced rate!! I thought “I can see you haven’t got much money and I can get your house looking nice”!! More fool me!!

Why do I bother decorating at all??


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