Whitsons Water based Primer Review

Updated Dec 23, 2023 | Posted Oct 22, 2018 | Professional insight, Product Advice

Whitson’s primer is a fully water-based paint product, suitable for timing to problem substrates such as old oil-based paints, stain, varnish and uPVC. I suppose if I had to liken it to an existing product, it would be Zinsser Bullseye.

The adhesion of Whitson’s water-based primer is the best I have found, even on keyed oil gloss/varnish and also manufactured products.

I use it now on all my kitchen refurbs. It dries quickly and allows for more than one coat in a day, which always helps! The opacity is also very good and after only a few hours easily passes a scratch test.


The only negative I have found is it’s not always readily available, so tend to keep a little stock in case.

One question I would have for Cait Whitson is, which water-based gloss am I best to use over the top of her primer?

I’m posting this as I think it’s important for good products to get the good feedback they deserve, which always helps us decorators out. Click here for more info.

Whitsons Water-based Primer Review – Written by Jason Easton

Updated Dec 23, 2023 | Posted Oct 22, 2018

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