Whitsons Adhesion Primer Review

Felix Wightman


So I was asked by the Decorators Forum UK to use and review Whitson’s primer, having never used it before I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Whiston’s is a water-based adhesion primer, capable of bonding to timber, melamine, uPVC, kitchen cabinets, old oil-based coatings and much more. Available in white, touch dry in approximately 2 hours, but leave it a lot longer before re-coat.


I’ve used quite a few different water-based adhesion primers and always got on well with them. That said, I found the Whitson’s to be far superior to any I’ve used before. Ut goes on so easy and the coverage and finish after just one coat onto yellowed oil gloss was outstanding. It also dried within an hour I’d say, which is always a good point.


After only using it on two doors I know it will definitely be my go to primer from now on.  The only negative is that I didn’t get a bigger sized tin of it!!


Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic, but this was after one coat of Whitson’s onto a very yellow door. I can’t understand why the big 3 can’t produce adhesion primers of similar quality, but they need to catch up.


Whitson’s adhesion primer is available online.

Whitsons Adhesion Primer Review

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Whitsons Adhesion Primer Review