Water Based Paints on Woodwork

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A few years back I remember saying that I’d give up painting and decorating if I had to use water-based paint on my woodwork. A few things have changed since then. Paint manufacturers are having to comply to tighter and tighter restrictions on the chemicals they are allowed to use in oil-based products. This is diminishing the quality somewhat.

At the same time, there has been a big push on water-based technology. Paint manufacturers knew they needed to adapt, and it started a race to develop good water-based paint products. The science of gloss in particular has been revolutionary in recent years.

So much so, I now prefer to use water-based over the traditional oil-based paints, especially on internal woodwork.


The benefits to using water-based paint on woodwork


Firstly, there is no strong smell for you to endure while you’re using the paint. In the past, using oil-based paint in enclosed areas would knock me sick.


Faster drying times mean there is less chance of someone knocking against your paintwork before it is dry. Oh, it also means you can apply multiple coats of paint in a day.

Clean-up is the next point I’d like to make. Water-based paint is a lot easier to clean from your skin, tools, and even clothes.

The biggest benefit of using water-based paint over its oil counterpart for me is the environmental impact. There are less harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of water-based paints and the amount of carbon is also dramatically reduced.

Longevity of the finish is also a massive benefit when it comes to water-based paint. The oil in oil-based paint is an alkyd, and one of the properties of an alkyd is it turns yellow over time, thus discolouring your paint finish. Using water-based avoids the problem altogether.


The Best Water-Based Paints


Johnstone’s trade is my number one choice. One undercoat and two Aqua Guard satins is enough to achieve a solid finish on any surface. One of the benefits of this product is the durability, which is second to none. The finish and ease of use are fantastic too. Available online here.

There are other great water-based paints for woodwork. WRX satinwood adheres to old oil without issue and looks great. Anyone can use this paint and get a good finish. Plus, if you buy it online, you will get this product at a great price. Click here to see latest prices.


Teknos Futura is another one to look out for. If you’re looking for the best water-based gloss available, then there is nothing better than Teknos Aqua Futura 90. Great sheen and a finish that will last for years. Click here to see latest prices.


Final Thoughts


Strange how things change isn’t it. In my opinion, water-based paints now outperform oil-based by a long way. I wouldn’t contemplate moving back, and I can’t wait to see the developments that happen in the coming years.

There are several tips and tricks for applying this type of material. I like to apply the paint with a mini roller, then lay it off with a soft brush. This will help you achieve that ‘perfect finish’.

On warm days, you might want to wipe your surface with a damp cloth before painting it. This will just help your paint flow a little better.

Water Based Paints on Woodwork – by Rick Lusher


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Updated May 29, 2023 | Posted Jan 30, 2021 | 0 comments


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