Wall Art Trends You Should Know About in 2023

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Blank walls have a way of staring you down. But worry not. The world is constantly coming up with new wall art ideas, some of which are actually pretty good. Now, you’ve probably already spotted a few of the trends mentioned below. 

But that’s okay. It means you love art. All you need is to add a few art pieces to your walls to add glamor to your house. Let’s get started. 

Gallery Walls 

Many homeowners are not ready to bid goodbye to gallery walls any time soon. A beautiful gallery of art pieces can wear you out. If anything, you can always adjust your wall by replacing pieces you no longer like. 

Another benefit is that you can be creative with gallery walls. You can decorate your walls with family portraits. Or, you can use an assortment of unique canvas prints purchased on a website like https://www.photowall.com. 

Gallery walls are rarely expensive, especially if you buy them online. Also, you can use your art pieces in different locations. You can have a gallery wall of family photos in the living room. Then you could create a separate wall of abstract artwork in your bedroom. 

Custom-Commissioned Pieces 

Although the demand for wall art is growing, more and more homeowners are choosing custom-commissioned pieces over generic ones. No one wants to buy the same canvas purchased by 1000 people anymore. 

Instead, the average art buyer in 2023 has a complete idea of the art they want on their walls. And they’re not afraid to pay more for custom-made art pieces.  

Beyond uniqueness, another reason people choose custom pieces is that you can get something that best matches your home’s interior decor. With generic art, this tends to be a gamble. You have to scroll dozens of prints before you get the right piece. 

 That being said, a custom-made painting is an investment. It’s something you can sell for a good price later on, especially if it’s really unique. 

Generative Art 

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage in 2023.  We have chatbots fighting to replace Google and apps that can generate unique artwork. In the usual style, not everyone is happy about the disruptive nature of AI. 

But AI is a reality. And it’s something a lot of people getting used to. AI-generated art has been trending on social networks for weeks. The explanation is that AI gives you a little power to decide what art to generate and it does the rest of the work quickly. 

Although it’s a controversial concept, there’s no doubt that generative art will continue to trend in 2023. It’s cheap, trendy, and good, after all. 

Minimalist Artwork 

Bright color palettes can be overwhelming to a lot of people.  This explains why more and more artists are following a more is less approach when creating new art pieces. 

Minimalist wall art imitates the calmness of nature. It draws your attention beautifully. It’s versatile and rhymes with different types of interior décor.  That being said, designers are changing the narrative of which colors best suit minimalistic artwork. 

In the past, gray seemed to be the standard palette for minimalistic artwork. In 2023, warm white and earthly colors are having a comeback in the wall art conversation.  

Rich Vibrant Colors 

For some, rich, vibrant colors are overwhelming. For others, they’re perfect if you want to look as unique as possible. In fact, there are a lot of people using vibrant color palettes when choosing wall art.  

According to experts, rich colors can make great artwork. But they must be done by an experienced artist. If you’re planning to buy a vibrant painting, ensure it comes from an artist with a history of creating amazing pieces. 

Street Art 

Street art is alive and thrilling in different parts of the world. In all fairness, this is not a new trend. People have been drawing murals on buildings in New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities for decades. 

In 2023, street art is experiencing a comeback thanks to the recognition of famous artists like Banksby. For the uninitiated, Banksby is a famous British street artist whose artwork earned him an Academy Award nomination in 2011. 

Banksby has been displaying his artwork on publicly visible walls throughout England since the 1980s. His identity has never been revealed. Nonetheless, his work has inspired hundreds of street artists around the world. 

Large Wall Paintings 

Large wall paintings are threatening to replace gallery walls. Whether that actually happens is a matter of time. In the meantime, there’s a good reason to purchase huge art pieces. 

For starters, bigger is sometimes better. Think about it. If you have a favorite canvas piece on your wall, don’t you wish it came in a bigger size? Maybe you do. Or, maybe you don’t have a large enough wall to display a large-scale art piece. 

Regardless, there’s no denying that large-scale art pieces of work can be awe-inspiring. They’re popular with people who live in large homes. But they can also be appropriate when you have a large blank wall. 

Textured Artworks 

Textured artwork is getting popular with new art buyers. The explanation is that these art pieces are mostly minimalistic yet impactful on the appearance of a home. Textured art adds personality where it didn’t exist.  

Artists create textured art pieces through a technique known as impasto. It involves the use of layered thick paint and palette knife painting. In turn, the art pieces appear to have a sense of touch. 

Biophilic Art 

Put simply, biophilic art is art inspired by nature. It ranges from house plants to pictures of flora and fauna. People who promote this sort of art say it’s calming and therapeutic. 

And there’s some truth in these statements. Historically, human beings have always cherished nature, whether it’s water streams, agricultural plants, or wild animals in their natural habitats. 

Owing to that background, designers are taking inspiration from nature when creating modern pieces of art. You can always commission a personalized biophilic art piece. But in the usual style, you can also order a low-cost generative canvas print online. 

Updated Apr 19, 2024 | Posted Feb 28, 2023 | 1 comment

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About the Author

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