Victoria & Albert Museum Acrylic Eggshell review

by Rob Greenwood

The Victoria & Albert Museum paint range, supplied by is a fantastic range of paint, inspired by the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The range of 40 colours has being compiled from the worlds leading museum of art, design and performance.


  • Sprayable
  • Stunning colour range
  • Brilliant branding
  • Hard wearing


  • Not off the shelf
  • Quite expensive

The V&A Eggshell I used was incredibly easy to use, it had a good viscosity and didn’t need thining down at all. The opacity was brilliant with one coat obliterating the white halft primer I used as a base cost. The Acrylic Eggshell is usable with brush and roller as well as being sprayable. This makes creating a flawless finish possible and it is just as hard as the similarly priced Farrow and Ball modern eggshell. 

With the cost of paint only heading in one direction V&A paints have placed themselves amongst some of the more expensive paint brands. Although the museum is well known, V&A paint products are not and this may put some people of buying them, considering the price and availability.

In conclusion, I think Victoria & Albert Museum Acrylic Eggshell offers a brilliant finish with some stunning colours to offer. I would use this product again if I could get customers to use it, however I think most customers would be more comfortable with me using a better known brand.

you can buy Victoria and Albert Eggshell from the Paint shed using discount code FORUM5

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