V&A Matt emulsion – Godfreys white.

By Ross Ratty

This is my review of V&A Matt emulsion in Godfreys white. Supplied by the lovely folk at Trimite



  • Excellent opacity
  • Great Matt finish in artificial and natural light
  • Washes out of brushes nicely


  • Not a bad thing to say really, seems to do what it says on the tin

Tools used;

  • 2″ brush
  • Albany 9″ roller
  • Steps
  • Zinsser BIN
  • 120G sandpaper
  • Brewers Caulk

Ok ladies and gents.

Out of the tin, un-thinned, cut in a frieze and roll out 3m by 4m ceiling with a square bay window.

The ceiling has been replastered within the last 10 years and looks to be painted in flat Matt. I’ve given it a bit of a scratch on any bad bits and I’ve Zinsser BINed a couple of damp patches. I had to caulk in a few cracks between the frieze and the ceiling.

I’m usually a prime suspect for putting one thick coat on a ceiling, but for the review I gave this ceiling two coats of the Victoria and Albert Museum paint over two consecutive days (as per recommended usage on the back of the can) the first coat went on lovely with a nice Matt finish, the brush didn’t pull and where the rolling edge meets the cutting in is minimal for flashing.

Second coat went on next day with no drama, gave a lovely finish. It is a lovely product to use and it’s up there against the big boys.

I think if this paint becomes available in my area, I will be offering it as a top end brand to customers who want to go for higher end products.


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