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Unhelpful Comments From Decorators

Updated Jul 18, 2022 | Posted Jan 3, 2022 | Life of a Decorator, Professional insight | 1 comment

I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed, but I spend a lot of time on social media. I’ve been involved with dozens of decorating Facebook groups over the years (I know, I need a life). As a whole, decorators are very supportive of each other. However, I do see the same reoccurring unhelpful comments from decorators on Facebook. I thought I’d share a few classics with you.

FYI, if you’re a professional decorator and you fancy joining a helpful group, head over to The Decorators Forum UK 😉


Question –

What is the best masking tape to use for….

Answers –

Proper decorators don’t use masking tape!!

Just cut it in!!

By the time you’ve taped up, I’d have triple coated the whole room.

DIY decorator!! What a sh*t Facebook group!!


Question –

What is the best airless sprayer for mist coating?


An 18 inch Wooster roller

I’d have a room rolled by the time you’d set it up.

Proper decorators can still use a brush and roller.

Modern decorators are lazy!

There is no skill needed in the trade anymore!

Stick to gardening!


Question –

What is the best water-based satinwood?

Answer –

I’m sick of all these basic questions!!

Oil-based is better. Far superior finish!

Stick to gardening!


Question –

What is the best way to remove spots of paint off a tarmac drive?

Answers –

Try using dust sheets!

Black gloss!

Stick to gardening!



Facebook post –

Look at this feature wall I’m really proud of

Comments –

It isn’t central

The pattern runs out

That’s crap!

Where are your whites?

Stick to gardening

1 Comment

  1. Andy Smith

    It’s these kind of comments that made me quit the Facebook group. It’s too easy to get drawn into debates with painters who are not interested in progressing and becoming more efficient. Now I just accept that I am surrounded by some tradesmen who don’t want to learn hw to do things better but it’s their loss and I don’t need to be talking to them.


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