Unhelpful Comments From Decorators on Facebook

By Mike Cupit


I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed, but I spend a lot of time on social media. I’ve been involved with dozens of decorating Facebook groups over the years (I know, I need a life). As a whole, decorators are very supportive of each other. However, I do see the same reoccurring unhelpful comments. I thought I’d share a few classics with you.


FYI, if you’re a professional decorator and you fancy joining a helpful group, head over to The Decorators Forum UK 😉


Question –

What is the best masking tape to use for….


Answers –

Proper decorators don’t use masking tape!!

Just cut it in!!

By the time you’ve taped up, I’d have triple coated the whole room.

DIY decorator!! What a sh*t Facebook group!!



Question –

What is the best airless sprayer for mist coating?



An 18 inch Wooster roller

I’d have a room rolled by the time you’d set it up.

Proper decorators can still use a brush and roller.

Modern decorators are lazy!

There is no skill needed in the trade anymore!

Stick to gardening!



Question –

What is the best water-based satinwood?


Answer –

I’m sick of all these basic questions!!

Oil-based is better. Far superior finish!

Stick to gardening!



Question –

What is the best way to remove spots of paint off a tarmac drive?


Answers –

Try using dust sheets!

Black gloss!

Stick to gardening!



Facebook post –

Look at this feature wall I’m really proud of


Comments –

It isn’t central

The pattern runs out

That’s crap!

Where are your whites?

Stick to gardening

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Unhelpful Comments From Decorators