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Hi my name is Tom Holloway and i own and run Holloway’s Professional Decorating and Consultancy service.


I was asked by the Decorators forum to try and test some Ultra Wipes and leave am honest review of my initial thoughts. I have to say I’ve put these wipes through their paces. Not the fact that I’m a messy decorator but more for testing the day in day out necessities the job brings. Such as cleaning paint from my hands and even from leather on my seats in my truck. I’ll give you some examples from where the Ultras excelled in my opinions:

My mobile phone was left uncovered in a room I was decorating using an airless machine. Therefore prone to overspray my phone was covered top to bottom in specs. Ultra wipes to the rescue no issue!

Osmo wax for a floor, dripped from the tin on the floor I was working on and needed wiping to ensure even coverage. Ultra wipes to the rescue! No dramas.

Paint on my arms! Combination of gripper primer and emulsion. Ultra wipes to the rescue! No dramas.

Overall these wipes, in my opinion are fantastic. I always carry wipes but find these less chemical based if that makes sense and feel a lot more friendly and less harsh. They maintain their moisture and this means they last a lot longer prolonging life expectancy. Overall absolutely blooming marvellous