Trade Radiators Launches New Site & Radiator Ranges


Some would say that summer isn’t the most apt time of year to be talking about radiators, but there’s no time like the present at Trade Radiators. One of the UK’s biggest online radiator retailers has recently updated their site to make it easier than ever to get a new radiator, as well as launch several new ranges to meet demand.


Launching a new site in the summer


Summer is a relatively quiet time in the radiator world, so while things aren’t “heating up”, Trade Radiators has been tinkering behind the scenes to make it easier to find a new radiator. Part of the new site includes an expansion of the different types of radiators on offer. Homes across the country aren’t going down the traditional route of a white panel radiator that does the job. They want variety in shape, sizes & colours; exactly what the new site takes into account.

User can now shop by a wider range of styles, finishes, and even specific sizes to help find a radiator that fits perfectly in any room.


The ideal time to get a new radiator


Trade Radiators is also expanding their range of vertical electric radiators. With so many people investing in redecoration in the last year, many homes across the UK are creating everything from mini home offices to family spaces; many of which don’t have a direct line into the central heating system. And with these kinds of rooms typically being box or small (especially those with garden pods), it’s a much cheaper alternative to have an electric radiator in place, as opposed to costing up new pipework.

Add to that the growing demand for smart heating controls, the market for electric heating options will only heat up as time goes by; never a bad thing when you need a new radiator!


Contact Details:

Trade Radiators

82 Mitchell Street


G1 3NA



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Trade Radiators Launches New Site & Radiator Ranges