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Posted Nov 18, 2023 | Miscellaneous, Professional insight | 0 comments

According to Emirates.Estate there are so many deals in Dubai that a new and potential investor can get caught up in the confusion of which to patronise, how to go about it, and when to launch. It is in answer to all of these questions that this website has been created to guide, and direct you on the critical steps and protect your investment in Dubai, and other parts of the UAE.

As regards real estate for investment in Dubai, the first thing to settle is to decide on location. Location is where the gold is, and that cold is where you make your money. If you get your location right, you are 50% into a very successful career as a realtor. Therefore, while there are many other blog posts on this website covering other parts and angles of investments, this will deal with the top locations to find the top deals in real estate in Dubai, and how to tap into them.

Top Locations in Dubai for Maximum ROI

Here are the top locations in Dubai to invest in, especially when targeting maximum returns on investment (ROI):

1 – Dubai Marina

One of the best places to stake your capital is the Dubai Marina. The name suggests a swampy area with lots of waterside activities, but not when such a Marina is in Dubai. The Dubai Marina is a lush environment with a perfect balance of quality skyscrapers, greenery and pedestrian paths, and quality real estate offerings. It also houses some of the best units of apartments in the city, ranging from villas to single-bedroom apartments, amongst many other recreational facilities. It is equally one of the high-rise spots and properties are more expensive there than in other suburbs

  • Business Bay

The business Bay area only became popular a few years ago with the launching of some of its prime projects. At some point, it was mistaken for a business hub as opposed to its mixed nature of being both for business and for residential purposes. It features a mix of quality real estate, impressive new units, and timeless investment options. It is open for purchase to date and is the easiest place to work and stay not too far away from home. There are also a handful of schools and family amenities close by, which makes life more bearable for occupiers.

  • Palm Jumeirah

The third major place you should be eyeing a property at is the artificial man-designed Island which is the delight of nations, expats, business moguls, and of course, Emiratis. The Palm Jumeirah is a tourism hotspot and an infrastructural wonder. As the only man-made palm Island in the world, and located in a real estate hotspot such as Dubai. It is great for sky diving, reminiscent of the Arabian lifestyle, and nested close to every important part of the city. There is equally a very impressive nightlife in the area, with various bistros and restaurants around the corner.

  • Dubai Downtown

The Dubai Downtown was first noticed for housing the Burj Al Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. It remains one of the most significant places to visit in the world; attracting visitors to Dubai. A survey of visitors to Dubai reveals that many tourists have the Burj al Khalifa on their to-do list and would love to visit the place. With such international recognition, tourists flow in and out of the area. In addition, the profitability of the area is on a high scale, such that the houses and properties up for grabs have impressive returns, making it an equally nice place to invest in.

  • Al Barsha

The most affordable of the five listed locations is the Al Barsha, which records high-range profits for rentals, and family units. Al Barsha is equally beautiful and that is an additional perk to living there. As an investor, investing in Al Barsha means quick returns back-to-back by rentals, because due to the low cost (affordable range) of properties in the area, it is popular among the working class and home-builder’s population. Expats who migrate to live and work in Dubai, also find these affordable units handier, and that is reflected in the patronage level. Purchasing an apartment in this area is a good business, especially when it is in good condition.

2- Deira 

Finally on the more affordable options is Deira, a quality community with a buoyant atmosphere, affordable marketplace, and high-end access to all of the good places in town. If you are looking for a low-budget investment option, Deira is not a bad location, moreover, you would get your money and profits back in a few years.

Profitability Margins Vs. Expectations of Realtors

There may be a huge difference between the expectations of realtors (which is usually bogus, especially in the first few months of investment), and the profitability margin (which is the reality of how much they eventually make). As a realtor, you may be overtly expecting huge return capital, seeing that you have invested so much in the market and have heard so much about how vibrant and impressive the market is. The main thing to keep in mind here is that your capital isn’t coming back in a year – neither is it coming back in two. At the profitability margin of 10% ROI per annum (which is very high, as not all properties will yield that much profit), you will be able to recoup your capital in bits and that may be across a couple of years. The upside however is that regardless of the length of years it takes, ownership of the property remains in you, and it gets to appreciate through those years such that should you choose to resell, its value would have gone much higher than what you purchased it.

Posted Nov 18, 2023 | 0 comments

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