Top 5 Trending Bathroom Styles And How To Achieve Them

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We are now entering Autumn, and soon after we will be in the throes of Winter. As the seasons change, so to can your bathroom, but what should it change to? Let’s look at the top 5 trending bathroom styles and find out.


Biophilic Bathroom Design

stylish bathroom plants

By far 2022’s most popular bathroom trend, biophilic bathroom design has taken the world by storm. Biophilic design is all about incorporating nature and healthy living into your spaces.

As bathrooms are naturally humid, they are the perfect environment for an abundance of plants to grow and thrive, so biophilic bathroom design really is a match made in heaven. As Autumn rolls into Winter, you will be glad of some nature within the home to remind you of the nature falling away outside of the home.

Plus, the changing seasons give you ample opportunity to put fun seasonal twists on the biophilic bathroom, by introducing autumnal oranges, browns and reds to your plant collections.

To achieve a biophilic design, incorporate plants into your bathroom design. For example, get some X plants as they thrive in the bathroom’s humidity. To enhance this aesthetic, use green tile and nature themed waterproof wallpaper to really drive home the theme.


Smart Bathroom Design

Top 5 Trending Bathroom Styles And How To Achieve The

2022 still sounds like the future to some, but it is very much the present. However, that hasn’t stopped people bringing a little bit of the future to their homes and you can too.

Smart bathrooms are an ever-evolving concept and all about increasing the ease of use and quality of life through the incorporation of technology.

For example, LED Anti-Fog mirrors never fog up, even when your bathroom is full of shower steam, and have LED lights to cut through the darkness. Through the use of these Smart mirrors, you can always get a good look at yourself, even when you usually wouldn’t be able to.

The key to creating a great Smart bathroom is by curating helpful and safe technology. You want to make sure all the technology you incorporate is waterproof and recommended for bathroom use. With that caveat in mind, look for technology that either improves upon the bathroom standard, solves an issue of yours, or provides a whole new function to the space.


Japandi Bathroom Design

Top 5 Trending Bathroom Styles And How To Achieve The

Japandi Bathroom DesignJapan and Scandinavia share a lot of minimalistic aesthetic principles, so a marriage of styles from across the seas has been born in Japandi. Japandi focuses on minimalism, sustainability and comfort.

It’s about getting what you need through the use ofas little as possible. Wood is often a main incorporation through Japandi, because of its classical connotations and its calming, natural aesthetic.

While minimalism can often be associated with the idea of perfection, Japandi actually celebrates the idea of imperfection and you are encouraged to embrace subtle asymmetry when adopting this style. Focus on water saving fixtures and a calming, quiet environment with lots of earth tones to really nail this style.


Spa Bathroom Design

Top 5 Trending Bathroom Styles And How To Achieve The

Spa Bathroom Design, Similar in principle to Japandi is the Spa Look. In 2022, more and more people are styling their bathrooms to look like spas. Why? Because spas connote luxury, relaxation and peace, some things we could all do with a lot of. But how do you make your bathroom look like a spa?

Embrace comfort. Invest in some oversized towels and fluffy bathroom rugs to give yourself extra comfort when using your bathroom. If you have the space, you can also invest in a nice, comfortable seat. This can be used when brushing your teeth or for relaxing in a face mask. If you get a waterproof seat, you can even use it in the shower.

When going for the spa look, people tend to go for all white. You will want a lot of white paint, to get those bright and reflective surfaces, but you will also want some lightwood colours to break up the potentially clinical feel and add that touch of nature that spas thrive on.


Industrial Bathroom Design

designer bathroom taps

We will finish off on the opposite end of the spectrum to where we started, with the industrial look. The industrial look is defined by exposed plumbing, recycled machines and most of all, metal.

You can embrace this look by installing a metal sink to really hammer it home. A cheap way of accentuating this look is by using slightly frayed rope to decorate, as it connotes that rustic farm look which comes under the industrial umbrella.

As well as this, get creative with your storage. Ladder shelves are all the rage and a great way of achieving the industrial, repurposed aesthetic while also adding a lot of functionality to your space. An easy way to get the look is to invest in exposed plumbing, show off your basin’s inner workings with a chrome bottle trap and get high rise taps that stand tall and proud over the basin.


To Conclude


Those are the five-bathroom styles dominating bathrooms this year and how you can achieve them. It is always best to pick a theme when designing a space, as it will give you a unifying set of tools to use to make the decorations seem purposeful, yet still unique to you.

Updated May 13, 2024 | Posted Sep 9, 2022 | 2 comments

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About the Author

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