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This has in recent months become staple car stock!!

Yeah I work out of a car, lets get that over and done with in the first paragraph then move onto the fact that I still know my stuff and trade well as a decorator.

Tikkurila Presto filler is an interior, ready mixed product designed for use on walls, ceilings and woodwork. You can purchase this product online, or from one of the two Tikkurila Pro Centres.

On opening the tub of filler, you will notice it doesn’t have that irritating bit of paper across the top. You know, the paper that you find on competitors Light filler ranges? If you forget to put them evenly back down over the top of the filler, they will dry out along that edge and will leave bits in your filler. It will snag when you try and run into an area with filling knife or caulking blade. Always irritates me and has in the past year seen me stop using any ready made filler completely.

But this doesn’t have that paper, you can just re-seal the lid and be confident that next time you use it, the filler will be in perfect condition. (I do run a filling knife around the edge of the container and make sure none is left on sides to dry and put it all back at bottom). Ready made filler does hold a strong position in decorating.

Powder filler is admittedly cheaper and is what I would use predominantly. But we are all human, miss the odd bit on the prep stage and all want to grab a quick fix. Or a filler has shrunk back over night and we need to apply a fine fill and get on with the job. Areas where paint has peeled, once treated with gardz, you can easily run a blade across with this product and feather in the join whilst still getting a coat of paint on in the same day… if the paint peels early morning that is!

Most the time I try and leave overnight to dry. The depth Tikkurila Presto filler can go to is 4mm. But we are all guilty of being a little crap on actually adhering to the depth it states! If you go over 4mm it will dry…. Eventually! But it will take forever! A week later you can still sand and get a good finish lol! So do adhere to the depths it advises unless time is on your side and you have an extra week to string a job out! To Be honest even at 4mm I think I would use an alternative product which I know will dry over night and then use this to fine fill the next day.

I have used Tikkurila Presto filler on really badly damaged walls with a trowel and feathered in really large area repairs with huge success. This filler has a party trick!! You can dilute it slightly, then apply to the walls with a medium pile roller to cover large areas!! Brilliant little hack and has saved me from having to plaster whole walls before.

You’ll find it smooth and easy to apply. Once dry, the Presto filler is quite tough and alsmost like elastic. Nothing like most powder fillers. It can be a little hart to sand it down, so don’t over fill.


The adhesion of this filler is awesome!! No issues going over old oil-based gloss, or even ceramic tiles. Just key the surface with a little bit of sandpaper, then off you go.

This product I can’t fault. I always now carry in stock, its price tag is competitive and if you charge part containers out like I do, the customers don’t question on their invoice.

The Tikkurila rep assured me when I ordered this it was worth the risk, and I agree. Its one of those good products you accidently stumble across and realise it’s a bit of a keeper for its cost, durability and ease of use.

For more info on Tikkurila, why not see what Mike Gregory has to say.

Blog written by Rachel Bates – Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 2, 2024 | Posted Sep 25, 2017 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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