Top 10 ways to use your Tikkurila Paint bags! 

by Harriet Stone

We love that Tikkurila packs their paint with wonderfully useful brown paper, and now, because Fed Ex can’t be trusted each tub arrives safe and sound in clear plastic bags as an extra precaution against spillages. But as we are all becoming a little more conscious about how much rubbish we create at work not to mention how we dispose of it, here are 10 ways to stop your bags going to waste, literally!

1. Bright idea numero uno! 

 Light fittings you can’t remove? Bag your light’s to protect them from paint splatter. Just make sure the plastic doesn’t touch the light bulbs, if possible, avoid turning the light on while it’s bagged!

2. Use it or lose it.

Bag door fittings, hinges, handles etc with their screws to keep everything organised ready for when it’s time to reattach them all. 

3. Bin Bag. Der!

 Come on, they’re stronger than your average black bin liner, but if you’re a little conscious about baring all your discarded crisp packets to your customer, why not use the clear ones as recycling bags. Let your customer see your environmentally friendly efforts to help save the planet! 

4. Roller saver.

 Not quite done with that colour yet? Know it’s going to need another coat tomorrow? Pop your wet roller into the bag, squish the air out and tie it up. Simply untie when you’re ready to use it again. 

5. Keep your paper moist! 

As the bright and breezy weather is rolling in don’t let your wallpaper dry out during soaking. Pop your pasted wall paper into the bag when letting it soak to avoid the edges drying out. 

6. Fill it with filler!

 Prolong the life of your powdered filler by keeping it dry and airy! Paint spills/ condensation, damp weather, all can have an adverse affect on your filler. Give it a longer shelf life by storing it in a bag. It will help prevent the paper bag getting torn and you ending up with filler dust everywhere too! 

7. Protect your Sprayer!

Look at it through that plastic, all shiny and clean, being clear you can still see the dials to adjust them and being loose there will still be air flow. Allow your customers to see how you care for your equipment and they’ll be confident in letting you in their home knowing you’ll look after it like it were your own. 

8. Keep it fresh! 

 Keep laura ghastly from spoiling over night. Pop it in the paste tub push down directly onto the paste to limit the air flow and keep your paste fresh. Or just pop your paint scuttle in it! 

9. Van protector!

It’s their originally intended use after all! we all know the tikki lids are rubbish once they’ve been opened and you’re just a pot hole away from redecorating your van. 

10. Suffocation!

She’s spilt coffee on the customers carpet, dropped the 10l tub down the stairs, stepped in the paint scuttle, ruined your favourite brush and left the lid off the stain block. It’s going to be useful for one of you.

11. Only joking about No10.

But scuttle liner didn’t seem like an exciting enough ending

Tikkurila Paint Bags – for more info visit Tikkurila by clicking here


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