Tikkurila Intact Waterbased Trim Paint Review

By Wesley Knight


So, Let’s talk Intact.

Got this today and after so much hype, I was itching to try it out. So, I thought I would hit my downstairs loo woodwork with it.

Let me start by saying, it’s no scuff-x!

That’s the one and only negative out the way…

It’s a very VERY close second. When I was told it was a gamechanger, I just assumed it was spiel to sell yet another product. I even wanted to not like it just a little bit, and don’t even know why.

Granted I have only used probably a litre’s worth so far if that, but you get a feel of how good something is straight away.

This product ticks pretty much every box I can think of.

It smashes white Helmi out the park for opacity, the flow (with a drop of water),

the whiteness is pretty incredible, you will need sunglasses 😎, the drying time is rapid, flies through a scratch test as soon as its touch dry and the finish is superb. Not to mention the cost is peanuts if you are comparing it to that of scuff-x.

All I can say is it lives up to the hype, and if you are an oil dinosaur and don’t like water based ‘because I tried Dulux trade waterbased satin once and it was shit’ , for me, this would be a decent way to break yourself in.

“9.5/10, would recommend”

Wesley knight,



Tikkurila Intact Waterbased Trim Paint Review