Tikkurila Intact Waterbased Satinwood Paint Review

By Wesley Knight


After reading a lot on the Decorators Forum about Tikkurilla products, I decided to try their new waterbased satin and give my thoughts. This is my Tikkurila Intact satinwood review. You can always check out Tikkurila’s website by clicking here

Got this today and after so much hype, I was itching to try it out. So, I thought I would hit my downstairs loo woodwork with it.

Let me start by saying, it’s no scuff-x!

That’s the one and only negative out the way…

It’s a very VERY close second. When I was told it was a gamechanger, I just assumed it was spiel to sell yet another product. I even wanted to not like it just a little bit, and don’t even know why.

Granted I have only used probably a litre’s worth so far if that, but you get a feel of how good something is straight away.

This product ticks pretty much every box I can think of.

It smashes white Tikkurila Helmi out the park for opacity, the flow (with a drop of water),

the whiteness of the intact is pretty incredible, you will need sunglasses 😎, the drying time for Tikkurila Intact is rapid, flies through a scratch test as soon as its touch dry and the finish is superb. Not to mention the cost is peanuts if you are comparing it to that of scuff-x.

All I can say is it lives up to the hype, and if you are an oil dinosaur and don’t like water based ‘because I tried Dulux trade waterbased satinwood once and it was shit’ , for me, this would be a decent way to break yourself in.

“9.5/10, would recommend”

And that was my Tikkurila Intact Waterbased Satinwood review. I hope you found it useful

Wesley knight,



Tikkurila Intact Waterbased Trim Paint Review