The Secret to a Successful Decorating Business

By Dan Mc


It’s me again!!

So I’ve been thinking about how new start-ups (like myself) are not getting much help from the government. I’ve also read on here how people are struggling to get leads/work during this time and haven’t had an enquiry for weeks!! It’s scary times for us all and skilled decorators are looking for any type of work to keep up with bills etc.

I wanted to offer some advice on how I’ve managed to keep work coming in. Some people on here may read this and think, what does he know? He’s only been around 5 minutes.

I started my own decorating business less than 10 months ago and I seem to have a good name for myself already. Luckily for me I’ve had plenty of work and continue to have enquiries throughout this pandemic. I’m booked up for a few months now and it’s down to hard work, good quality workmanship resulting in word of mouth and good marketing/advertising.

Firstly, I like to say presentation is key. Attending a quote in a branded van with clean(ish) branded workwear will show the potential customer that you mean business. First impressions count 👌 I know everyone isn’t fortunate to buy a van but work for it. It’s made a huge difference to my workload.

During the quote I’ll ask them what they want, explain the work required, what we offer as a business and timeframe. I build a rapport them and make them feel comfortable. I don’t want them to stress over the work. I also try and attend a quote within 1/2 days of the enquiry and fire the estimate over to them the same day. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing the quote up at 9/10pm. For 10 minutes of my time, I feel the customer appreciates it. I’ve been told many times, they like how prompt I was throughout the process and they feel like I give a shit about them. Therefor I win the work.

When I’m at a job I’ll leaflet 20/30 houses in the area and will get a few enquires. Again, for 30 minutes of your time you could win 2/3 more jobs seeing you through the rest of the month. In areas I want to work in all also put up signs.

Any work I do, I’ll take before and after pictures then post them on social media. A lot of the older generation say Facebook is a wasn’t of time. I disagree, social media is a fantastic tool and I’ve won great work off it, leading to more work from that customer.

It all helps with generating leads and I hope this helps someone else on here. Good luck 😁

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The Secret to a Successful Decorating Business