The Power of Communication and Opportunity

By Mike Miller

Here is the power of communication, relationships and advertising.   How ever you want to classify this scenario.

I took my son to a Tampa Rays baseball game.  We’re sitting at a common row of seat that has a bar in front of you.  A bar to set your drinks and snacks on.

I have 2 open seats next to me.  A guy walks up and says hey anyone sitting here I want to watch from this area for a while.  I said nope pull up a seat.

My son and I and this guy are talking we introduce ourselves. We’re rooting and beating On The table together during a rally in the game.

Casual conversation he asks what do I do? I tell him I’m a painting contractor.  He says he’s a corporate office  guy.

He asks if I have a card.  I gave him a card and that was that.  After they game ended we went on our ways.

Couple days later I get a text from him saying he gave my information to a contact of his.

Couple days later a woman reaches out and tells me Chris gave her my info.

Great! For me!   I go give this woman a estimate.  During the estimate she says she’s getting ready to list her house for sale.  I tell her my wife is a real estate agent.

She contacted my wife to set up a consultation.

My wife lands the listing, I land the painting job and my wife will be helping her purchase a new house.

A Basic conversation at a baseball game created such a great opportunity.

Always be looking for the opportunities and take advantage of those angles to get your name out there!
Article written by Mike Miller who is the top guy at Painting Contractors Facebook Group