The Perfect Blend

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The Perfect Blend

Multiple layer filament for outstanding premium results


Technofil®, our revolutionary in-house developed filament formula with a 100% modern synthetic filament blend that is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This unique formula offers outstanding paint-absorbing capabilities, exceeding the performance of most synthetic filaments available in the market.

Besides the key attribute of high paint pick up and release, Technofil® has a remarkable ability to maintain its shape. Filaments are steamed to shape which gives the brush head a permanent taper, ensuring that the brush retains its precision and control throughout the lifetime of the brush. This exceptional feature caters to the demands of both novice and professional decorators, facilitating the creation of smooth finishes with every application.

Technofil’s excellence extends beyond its paint pick up and shape-holding properties. It delivers exceptional paint coverage, allowing for more efficient and effective painting. The unique filament’s paint absorption and release characteristics ensure that you can work with fewer reloads, making your painting process smoother and more productive.

Technofil® filaments are very easy to clean, reducing the hassle associated with brush cleaning. This convenience enhances the overall experience for decorators of all skill levels, making Technofil® a reliable choice for both DIY and professional projects.

Technofil® represents a ground-breaking leap in the world of paintbrush filaments. Its outstanding blend of characteristics, from superior paint absorption to shape retention, culminates in a remarkable tool for decorators seeking a seamless, professional finish with every stroke.

  • 100% Synthetic filament blend
  • High paint pick up
  • Smooth paint release
  • Excellent coverage
  • Maintains shape for precision painting
  • Great results in both oil and water-based paints

Join the revolution in painting with Technofil® and unlock your full potential.

Posted Oct 24, 2023 | 0 comments

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