The Painters house!  

By Tammy Riddle


The customers’ house looks beautiful because the painter takes such good care. We do a clean and precise job painting their house. looking at literally every single inch of their home in the process, making sure to do a professional painting job for the homeowner.  Because that’s what painters do.


The painters’ house, however, has a different look to it.


The painters’ sink has paint on it, the faucets, kitchen and bathroom. The painters’ clothes, shoes, socks, skin, fingernails, hair, even glasses 🤓, all have paint on them. The painters’ vehicle has paint fingerprints in many spots, too many to worry about. Even though it would be nice to have a clean car, that will never happen!  


The painters’ front doorknob has paint on it. A painters’ cell phone, well, of course is a mess! The painters’ keys have paint on them. The painters house will never be like the customers house, nice and clean, having paint only where it was supposed to be.


The painters’ house will always have paint in places that seem unacceptable by the paying customer. Everywhere in the painters’ house, there are remnants of colours from every house or project ever painted by the painter!  It’s a never-ending story or battle, depending on the day. 🤩🤪🤓

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I can totally relate to this!! It reminds me of that saying, “a plumber always has a leaking tap at home”. We’re so meticulous and anal at work, that the thought of carrying it on at home just seems draining. I’ve been meaning to paint my own house for the last couple of years. If fact, I’ve just paid someone else to do it!! My last house had Dulux Trade Weathershield undercoat grey fascia boards for over a year!! My wallet and phone are embarrassing because of the amount of paint on them!!

Mike Cupit