Designed for Pros, By Pros – The New Purdy Painter’s Backpack


Leading professional painting tools manufacturer Purdy has launched the new and highly anticipated Purdy Painter’s Backpack into the UK market. The first painter’s backpack, it has been designed as an organisational storage system for professional painting tools, which is comfortable to carry and increases efficiency.

Manufactured from a durable, weather resistant fabric, the new Purdy Painter’s Backpack has been designed with the professional decorator in mind, hosting several dedicated pockets for a variety of tools.

This includes a pocket for roller frames and sleeves up to 18”, an external extension pole compartment, as well as slots for prep tools and a multitude of brushes. What’s more, there are external compartments and clips for personal items, water bottles; and an external USB connector to keep devices charged.

Not only has the backpack been designed with organisation in mind, but with convenience too. The backpack’s two foldout pockets in the front open fully and lay flat for ease of access to tools and brushes. The backpack also features a detachable pouch specifically for transporting wet brushes and rollers – containing the paint within the compartment and saving clean up time on site or risking leakage to other tools.

Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy said: “We talked with professional decorators to create a backpack that is functional and efficient for day-to-day jobs. From their feedback, the Purdy Painter’s Backpack has been designed ergonomically, with heavy duty grips, rugged metal zippers, and even weight distribution to ensure that even when it is holding everything in a decorator’s arsenal, it is still easy and comfortable to carry around. Rubber feet have also been included in the design, to prevent tipping.

“Gone are the days where professionals lug around their paint brushes and rollers in whatever bags they can find. The Purdy Backpack is an investment that will last for years to come.”

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The new Purdy painter's backpack
The new Purdy painter's backpack is the ideal tool bag for any decorator

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Purdy really do think of everything when they’re designing a new product!! You can just tell by looking at the new Painters Backpack that it’s going to be easier to keep your decorating tools organised. You can keep it in your van ready packed, or just fill up with the tools you need when arriving at a job. It is going to be a lot more comfortable to carry than conventional tool boxes too, ideal if you need to climb stairs in order to start work.

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