The Faffing around that comes with being a decorator

By Mike Cupit


Is it just me who gets frustrated with all the unpaid faffing around that comes with being a decorator? I thought I’d have a 4-day week this week. Bit of pottering around on the Monday, then some time to myself. It’s now half 4 and I’m sat here p*ssed off.


I finished a big outside job on Friday, in fact, we stayed on till 7 to get it boxed off. It was mint, but the client picked up on a few bits and wanted me to nip back, fair enough. That was an hour and a half this morning after I’d done the school run. Then I nipped into see a client about colours and products, followed by paperwork. Then emptied the van and cleaned my sprayer. Literally a full day’s work that I’m not even getting paid for.


I normally do all this faffing around on a Saturday before picking my little girl up. So even though I only do 5 days a week on the tools, I’m working 6! That can’t be right? I can’t be bothered doing it anymore!! I work too hard. I put a post on the Forum the other day and other decorators seem to get all their organising done in the evenings, or whilst on the tools. I don’t know how they do it!


Another thing that annoys me on top of the faffing are the expenditures!! I cross threaded my spray gun a couple of days ago, £175 for a new one!! Dust free sanders and paint brushes aren’t cheap either!! Nor is liability insurance!! It’s none stop!


F#cking cost of paint too!!! I’m embarrassed passing it onto the customer now!! I used to make a healthy profit on everything!!


Then Mrs Johnstone has a moan at you because she thinks you’re “too expensive”, they don’t have a clue!! Well, she can stick her feature wall up her jacksie as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had enough

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The Faffing around that comes with being a decorator