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Testing Zinsser Products to the Limit

Posted Jan 24, 2023 | Product Advice, Professional insight | 1 comment

Zinsser tested to breaking point! How good is it when abused?

WARNING, very long post and not for the easily upset


Background: I had a rental to paint, and the tenants were moving in the next day. That left me with hardly any time!! I said I’d get it done and then go back the following week to check if anything needed fixing, but they needed to get the tenants in asap. This gave me the opportunity to test Zinsser Products to the limit and see how they performed.

The skirtings in a big lounge/diner had huge gaps which needed sorting. Plus the architraves were all oil-based gloss. There was a smallish kitchen that needed painting, both walls and ceiling were previously painted with magnolia silk.

I taped up the tops and bottoms of the skirting, plus the kitchen for speed, and just went into turbo mode. No prep done at all other than the taping.


  1. I used Nemesis caulk on the skirtings, as it claims it can be painted instantly. I applied one coat of Zinsser Allcoat straight over the oil-based gloss, no sanding, no time to let caulk dry.
  2. The kitchen got one coat of Zinsser Perma White straight into silk paint, no wash down, no sanding, walls were sound so straight on.
  3. The skirtings got second coat of Zinsser Allcoat as it was touch dry by this point
  4. The kitchen got second coat of Perma White as it was also touch dry.
  5. Tape off, quick tidy up and gone.

Total time for the work was approximately 2 1/2 hrs from arriving to leaving.

I went back today to check how the Zinsser products stood up, its 100%! The woodwork is solid, caulk has held, no crazing at all. The kitchen walls and ceiling all look solid and good.

I appreciate this will offend the ‘I can cut in better than a factory cut edge’ brigade, but sometimes needs must and I have a totally different business model to most. This isn’t standard practice but I’m happy to do whatever is required to get the job done. Also, I made an absolute killing on it!

The point I wanted to make was how ruddy amazing the Zinsser paints are. I expected to have to sand back a bit or redo a couple of areas, as it goes, the Mirka stayed in the van! All the colour was solid, the finish great and it was all durable.

You can buy Zinsser products online at Rawlins Paints by clicking here.

Testing Zinsser Products to the Limit – by Bob Jackson

Posted Jan 24, 2023 | 1 comment

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1 Comment

  1. David Crossman

    I recently had a similar experience.
    I needed to get two coats on trim in a morning. Completed with Perma White Satin after a quick denib. Surprised by how good the finish all considered.


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