Tesa Precision Masking Tape 4334 Review

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Tesa Precision masking tape Product information:-

Tesa precision 4334 masking tape is a general purpose medium tack product from the industry leaders, TESA. It is both for indoor and outdoor use. Recommended for Aluminium, Pvc and wood, although it does stick to other surfaces well. Removable upto 8 weeks after application in wet weather externally. The Swiss Army knife of masking tapes!

I have used Tesa for many years. In fact, I seem to switch between Tesa and Q1 Painters tape, both of which are great products.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Easily recognisable
  • Wide range of widths
  • Very versatile(yellow tape)
  • Clean lines


  • Close competition at lower prices
  • Not widely available over the counter



I am the owner of JOSEPH ELWICK PAINTING & DECORATING, which is a small business based in greater Manchester covering greater mancheaster and surrounding areas. I am also a keen vlogger and you will find me @Joeprodecor on youtube.

I have been kindly asked to try out a free sample of Tesa Precision masking tape (commonly known as tesa yellow) and to give an honest review based on my experiences, which I will do as follows. Click here to see online prices.

The tape was tested on site using a couple of different methods as follows:-


· Taping the tops of skirting boards on a job in which I was asked to paint the walls only, to achieve a crisp line whilst protecting the skirting boards from paint splatter.

· Taping wooden flooring on a job I was asked to paint the skirting boards only, to achieve a crisp line at the bottom of the skirting boards whilst protecting the flooring from paint splatter and brush marks (please see video below)

First impressions of the Tesa Precision:-


The tape itself I would describe as a medium tack, general purpose precision masking tape, and it feels like a premium product when using. The tape is made of a type of rice paper which is very strong considering the thickness and is comparable to other leading brands. The tape was easily manipulated into position on both scenarios it was used in, and it adhered to the surface without issues as expected for a premium tape




Tesa claims that this tape can be left outside for up to 8 weeks and left stuck internally for months without issues. I only generally leave mine for a couple of days, so I have never tested this. However, I have always had perfect lines, no glue residue and no other issues.

Let’s be honest; I think everyone knows Tesa is the best masking tape brand on the market. They’re the most expensive, but there is a reason they’re the brand leader. Decorators may use cheaper tape some of the time, but they’ll always come back to Tesa on the higher-end work.




Tesa yellow masking tape is a quality product from a leading brand and it performs as it should for the price you pay. I would definitely recommend this tape, and other tesa tapes (especially the tesa pink-sensative) based on performance. However, there are a few drawbacks; It is not widely available over the counter, nor the best value, as there are a couple of other brands of precision tape that are slightly cheaper for a comparible quality, so I think it is a case of which ever one is more easily accessible.

That was my Tesa Precision masking tape review, I hope you found it useful. For more information check out their website. Or head over to the Decorators Forum UK

You can buy this product from several merchants. Click here to see online prices.

Tesa Precision 4334 Masking Tape Review – by Joe Elwick

Updated May 8, 2023 | Posted Jul 12, 2019 | 0 comments

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