Tesa Adhesive tapes Review

Chris Ashmore


So, I’ll tell you a little about the tapes and how they are vital to my job and how I can rely on their performance.

As with any tape and there is a lot of talk which is the best tape amongst decorators and other trade professionals. However the surface and texture of the area to be masked/protected is the main factor to take into consideration when using tape and different surfaces need different approaches…….and TESA performs best across ALL those surfaces from glass to a rough textured wall, no ifs no buts.


Tesa Yellow tape


The stronger adhesive of the two and is my go-to tape. Firstly, on any mural I do a lap of the wall I’m working on to make sure when the jobs done, and I peel away the tape I have an edge that’s just as neat as a wallpaper printed mural. Stripes, straight edges, areas that need block filling, basically any straight edge I use yellow Tesa that helps me create an edge that’s like a machine finish every time.


Tesa Pink tape


This is for cheap paint and when the previous decorator forgot to mist coat a wall. (Mist coating is a 50/50 mixture of water and paint. Recommended on all new plaster) Poor workmanship out there making my job so much more technical and fun. Cheap paint just will not adhere to a wall so yellow tape will simply pull off the paint. So…. pink tape (the more sensitive of the two) still has the same machine edge product quality only, it is less aggressive, and I have the confidence to use on freshly dried paint, wallpaper, shaded areas. Pink is a godsend for those areas as we can’t repair a shaded area. It will need repainting and reshading if it peels. Not to mention filling the paint depth, costing time that is never on our side…….PINK NEVER LETS YOU DOWN.

Technical work –
Well the tape is so thin in depth it performs better than thick tapes. It gets into those textured areas. Its transparent qualities mean I can draw a shape on the wall and craft knife the tape so well I don’t even scratch the wall, that’s how much confidence I have in both products. I simply couldn’t do the quality work I do without the quality #tesa tapes I use.

Here are some of the jobs I have painted with these tapes and they have played a vital part in the images and quality I have produced through the years. I wouldn’t have been able to produce these jobs without #tesa TAPE.


For me, Tesa is the best masking tape on the market. Perfect for high-end decorating jobs and the only tape I have faith in when it comes to murals. I know these tapes will not allow paint bleed or damage the surface underneath. They leave sharp, crisp lines which is exactly what you need when decorating.


Tesa Adhesive tapes Review


Tesa Adhesive tapes Review
Tesa Adhesive tapes Review
Tesa Adhesive tapes Review

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The best place I have found to buy Tesa tape is an online company called My Paintbrush.

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