Teknos Teknoceiling 02 Review - a very low sheen white emulsion for use on light sensitive ceilings

Teknos Teknoceiling 02 Review

By Alan saddler


The new Teknoceiling paint from Teknos is a very low sheen white emulsion, designed specifically for use on interior ceilings. The low sheen qualities helps eliminate imperfections such as flashing and roller marks. You can purchase this product from TopDec, or online from a dozen or so different merchants. You should be able to buy 9l of this stuff for around £35.


What can I say about this new ceiling emulsion, well from lifting the lid and seeing a creamy emulsion to using it, it was great. I found it very easy to stir and there were zero bits of latex in the paint. The 1st coat flew on and even after the one coat, the customer commented about how flat it was. I only waited an hour before second coating, although it looked absolutely solid after the first!! The opacity of this stuff is unreal!!


So, how does this compare to the likes of Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2, which is a firm favourite of mine? Or the likes of Dulux Ultramatt or even Caparol Capasilan? Well, you wouldn’t put a second coat on within an hour with any of those products.


The Teknoceiling dries to leave a superb and very flat finish. This is definitely now my new interior ceiling emulsion. Move over Anti-Reflex2, your time has gone and a new king of emulsions has arrived. I know this is only available online for most people, but it would be great to see it popping up at other stockists.

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Teknos Teknoceiling 02 Review