Smith & Rodger’s Blockade Proves Popular With Trade Customers

Smith & Rodger launched its latest performance product– a specialist shellac sealer primer, last summer and it’s proved to be a hit with trade customers.

Blockade is a multi-surface primer that will easily cover the toughest stains and provide a base that can be overcoated with most paints. Stocked through a number of decorators merchants, the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Managing Director Ian McAslan said:

“We were delighted to unveil our latest formulation to experienced painters and decorators, and have been blown away by the positive response to Blockade.

We have been making specialist finishes for over 140 years, and launched this product to make our customers lives easier and of course remains extremely price competitive!”

“Blockade has been rigorously tried and tested by professional painters and we are confident that, once you have worked with it, you will be happy to switch from your favourite brand.”

So what have the trade being saying about Blockade?

“When decorators are begging their suppliers to stock it you know it’s a winner. We know when a paint is good” Kevin, TDS Decorating. Smith & Rodger’s Blockade really is proving popular with trade customers.

“New year, new product, this @Smith_Rodger blockade seems to have covered an old water stain on a ceiling in one. Much less drag than other shellac based blockers, and I’ve successfully managed to clean the brush out…” Pete

“I was using Blockade today on some water/mould stains, held back any marks well, applied 2 coats in quick time. It has a much better open time & slightly thinner consistency than other similar brands. So far, so good” Christophe

“I always carry a tin of @Smith_Rodger #blockade #stainblocker (plus many other uses) in my tool bag! There’s not many jobs I do where I don’t need it somewhere” Nick

“It’s brilliant” Ricki

@Smith_Rodger We tried out Blockade stain block over the last two weeks on permanent orange marker, water marks & even on tiles. Very impressed with the results. For the price I’d recommend hands down!” Paul

About Blockade

Blockade has been formulated to:

  •  permanently kill stains and odours
  •  seal knots
  •  cover damage from water smoke and mould

Blockade Shellac Sealer Primer provides excellent adhesion to almost all interior surfaces such as previously coated and new wood, plaster, drywall, porous wallcoverings, metal and tile and requires minimal preparation before use.

Available in 1L and 2.5L, Blockade is also quick drying, therefore can save time on jobs that require multiple coats or need to be quickly overcoated with emulsion. Dries in 15 minutes, can be overcoated in 45 minutes.

Blockade covers glossy and hard to paint surfaces such as tile, varnish or gloss paints with no sanding needed. The pure shellac base permanently blocks stains and odours, covering even the darkest of colours.

Blockade Shellac Sealer Primer is available now at TopDec Brush and other stockists


Smith & Rodger’s Blockade proves popular


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