Slow Things Down, Get More Done

By Andy Scott


Older folk always used to say to me, slow things down to get more done, but what does that even mean? Surely that can’t be right? Work faster to get more done is the way, isn’t it?

Well I don’t think it is for the seniors in the decorating trade. I’ve worked this out over a number of years and it’s true (for myself anyway)

Think about it, you get to the job and you think, I need to do this, do that and get the other done today. Immediately you are under pressure before you even lay a sheet. You’re stressed and you start so chasing your tail when you don’t have to.

I find if you’re under pressure your work suffers. Prep is affected which leads to finish affected. Things go wrong, messy workspace, paint spills with rushing and higher blood pressure lol.


Try This – Slow it all Down

Set an easily achievable target for the day (not that easy you can do it horizontally). Enough that you can do it to a good standard without pressure. That way you exceed your target for the day and achieve more. Say for example, I could get those doors undercoated and that saves me a job tomorrow. In your mind you’re already ahead when you start the next day. So, pressure lifts and you go home happy.

A mate once told me whilst doing a big new build house “there’s only half a shift between a really good standard finish and an average one”. I know what he means.


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Slow Things Down, Get More Done