Should we Support Independent Decorating merchants?

As Decorators, should we support independent decorating merchants?

I met an absolute legend a few weeks ago. His name is Allan, and he owns a little wallpaper shop in Wigan called Eclipse Wallcoverings. It’s off the beaten track, but they have a little showroom in store and plenty of stock in storage.

Allan has had an incredible journey in the industry throughout his working life.

He was an old-school paper hanger for years, and then went to work for the council, before getting a job with Leyland Paints. He went from store assistant, to manager, to rep, then ended up at head office, overseeing new store openings.

He was made redundant, which was when he set up Eclipse Wallcoverings. You wouldn’t think an independent decorating merchant like Allan’s could survive in the era of big business, but he’s built Eclipse Wallcoverings on honest values and a lot of hard work.

He’s also the biggest UK online retailer of Glasstex products (which I’m going to learn more about in the coming weeks).

Allan from Eclipse Wallcoverings in Wigan

Next time you need wallpaper, or a paste-the-wall product, it might be worthwhile dropping Allan an email to see if he can help. Supporting a small retailer like this can make a huge difference to their business, and he can post any product. His details are below.

Email –

Tel – 01942 824 037

Website –

a wallpaper showroom at an independent decorating merchant’s in Wigan
wallpaper in storage

Should we Support Independent Decorating merchants – by Mike Cupit

Posted Feb 3, 2024 | 1 comment

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  1. Andrew Harrison

    Yes, definitely support independent merchants, I’ve been self employed since 1982, and started trading with Bromborough paints (now Paintwell), then just the 1 store, always been great with me, offers on paint and sundries etc, I’ve seen other smaller stockists on the Wirral go out of business Eastham wallpapers and Irving Little, I’ve found once you get to know the people serving you get better service.


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