Should I Accept Liability??

By an Anonymous Decorator



Hi guys. Need some advice. Really f**king annoyed.


Doing a job for a mate that I’ve known years, long story short whoever’s painted the kitchen prior has got paint everywhere, sockets, trunking, light fittings, so I asked if she would like these all cleaned up, she said that would be great. So spend yesterday afternoon getting them perfect. A nice touch I thought.

Get a text at 9pm last night, “Matt did you do anything to the electrics? The boiler has gone off and I can’t get it back on. I said, “no, most definitely not” and never thought much of it.

Turned up for work this morning, and my friend explained what happened. She couldn’t get the boiler working, so rang a plumber. Emergency plumber called out and said “there’s no power going to the boiler. You need an electrician.”

So, She rings an emergency electrician, he came before me this morning, and found a power switch to the boiler in the kitchen. Flicked it back on, and bang, everything is back on. It now works perfectly.

So, when I arrive, she starts pointing at the switch. I cleaned the casing and the switches in the kitchen, and no, I didn’t flick this switch back down.

Now she wants to bill me for half of the emergency fallout charges. I’m fuming! Would you accept this liability? For her panicking, calling emergency trades out, and not knowing about this switch? She’s lived in the house for 15 years! I’d really like to know some thoughts; am I’m being a t**t or is she?? I’m tempted to say stick the job and go home!!!

I think technically it probably is your fault. You could have sorted it out when she text, or made certain the switch was on before you left. Easily done though. I can’t believe how stupid your customer is!! If there’s no power to the boiler, check to see if the power is switched on, right?! Saying that, the plumber didn’t think to turn the power on either, then still charged her?? The plumber should be paying for the sparky, let alone charging you!! If it was me, I’d be on the phone to him kicking off.

Sod it mate, don’t pay anything. It isn’t your fault they’re all idiots!

Mike Gregory - Should I Accept Liability??

Tell her to not pay the stupid plumber who didn’t notice the switch. Sounds like she’s at it but when you do a nice turn it does come round and kick you up the arse. Great to see people back at work and using social distancing and other guidelines. Been a long stressful road for us all and now we are the lucky ones still here to try and get back to our normal lives. Let’s stick together, be positive and no hugging strangers

Barry McCann - Should I Accept Liability??

I’d probably take the blame on this one personally. I know it was an accident but at the end of the day it was you that didn’t flick the switch back on. I’m surprised you didn’t suggest that it could have been a switch to her when she spoke to you.

Gaz Stevens - Should I accept liability??

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