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Updated Feb 10, 2023 | Posted Jan 28, 2023 | Featured industry news, Industry news, Products | 3 comments

ROLLINGDOG has several lines of putty and taping knives from entry level to professional.



RollingDog tools for filling walls

ROLLINGDOG Standard level carries the more economical, entry level tools of ROLLINGDOG. This includes putty and joint knives up to 8″(203cm) wide. Durably made carbon steel blades and plastic handles allow these to be a better low price option.



rollingdog tools

The next level of knives would be the ROLLINGDOG professional level and include textured rubber gripped handles, and #50 Carbon steel or 420 stainless steel blades. Click here to see latest prices.



rolligdog tools for repairing interior walls

ROLLINGDOG Elite Performance level is made up of premium tools made with the highest quality components including heavy duty rubber gripped or Beech wood handles, or one piece stainless steel construction. Several different lines of putty knives are available at our Elite level ranging from ultra flexible to semi rigid. The premium level also includes our ergonomic gripped skimming knives with stainless steel blades, as well as a connection to use with extension pole.


Here is a basic breakdown of use comparing different sized putty and joint knives, and taping knives.




Smaller sized knives are used for small hole and gouge repairs that don’t need much material applied. The main purpose is to smooth and evenly spread compound or wood filler over area. These knives work well to also press down on painter’s tape for sharper, clean edges. Another function is light scraping and surface cleaning.

Heavy duty adhesive, epoxy or other bonded material should be removed from surfaces with thick scraper such as #50023 chisel scraper, rather than with flexible putty knife.

putty knife from RollingDog

Click here to see our Doberman series stainless putty knives on Amazon.


JOINT KNIVES 4″ TO 8” (100-200MM)


Joint knives will have the same shape and function as smaller sized putty knives, but as the name implies are used more for smoothing and feathering joints in the beginning stages of joint work.



Most of ROLLINGDOG’s taping knives are rectangular in shape, ranging from 140 to 600mm, with blades ranging from blued steel to 420 stainless steel. Larger sized taping knives and skimming blades will be used more for leveling a wall or ceiling surface with mud, rather than just a joint.

skimming tool for tape and jointing

Here is a quick video show ROLLINGDOG’s Doberman Series knives used on a joint-

Putty or joint knives can be used together with taping knives as rounded edges work better for scooping compound out of buckets. The compound is then loaded onto the taping knife for wall application.

PAINTER’S MULTI-TOOL: The painter’s multi-tool works great to scrape off old paint and debris from surfaces, scrape wallpaper, fill holes, spread compound, remove excess paint from standard and mini sized roller covers for better cleaning, clean cracks, pull nails, curved scraper, and open paint cans

Here is a video introducing one of our most popular painter’s multi-tools:

You can search ROLLINGDOG Tools on Amazon to see more great tools available in our Amazon Store, or click here to see current prices.

Updated Feb 10, 2023 | Posted Jan 28, 2023 | 3 comments

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  1. Richard

    Great to see decent tools however there’s too much difference in branding with the 3 sub brands.

    One basic snd one premium is more than ample.

    Hamilton brushes are the same with 4 sub brands .

    Too confusing for majority of tradespeople, better just to keep it simple.

    • Esther

      Dear Richard,

      We appreciate your feedback! We’d love to hear from you more idea about products line . It will be helpful for our innovation team will better to scheme our products development.

    • Esther

      Dear Richard,

      It’s our next plan! The grade of the brand gradually transitions from three grades of high, middle and low to two grades, one is elite (high-end) and the other is basic (entry-level). Thanks a lot for your feedback and welcome you keep follow up ROLLINGDOG TOOLS


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