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This is a review on the Rojak standard ladder stopper. I was asked by the admin on the Decorators Forum UK if my company, ‘Dyer Decorators’ would test out the ladder stopper and give brutally honest feedback.


My Rojak Ladder Stopper Review


The Rojak Ladder Stopper is neat little bit of kit that sits at the bottom of your ladder and prevents it from slipping, essentially making the ladder safer to use. Apparently, BT use these a lot, so they must be good!! It may also be worth checking out the MultiStopper.

First impressions; Once I received the Rojak Ladder Stopper, I was little sceptical. Would it really be safe enough to replace a man footing the ladder?? It looks lie it would slip on any wet surface.

Anyhow with lots of rental properties that we look after and externals which require some footing of the ladder, I was keen to give it a try. It’s not very big, so doesn’t take up that much room on the van. Instructions say only to be used on firm level ground, so that’s worth bearing in mind if you are thinking of purchasing one.


We used it on tarmac which was reasonably dry and found it brilliant. The Ladder Stopper definitely makes the ladder safer. At one point, my ladder needed to be at quite an angle to miss the sloped roof. This would normally need to be footed but found the Rojak Ladder Stop ample to do the job. It takes a little longer each time you move the ladder, and you position the stop underneath it, but this is a small price to pay if you can have the other man on a paint brush rather than footing.

With an rrp price of £90, I would say it’s a bit steep for what it actually consists off, but in the long it will pay for itself as you can complete your job a lot quicker with it.

Now I have one I will be more than happy to carry on using it and would recommend it to other decorators if you have a large quantity of ladder work working from firm level surfaces. In fact, I’ve just bought myself a second Rojak Ladder Stopper.

You can read more info at –

Ladder Stopper Review – by Richard Dyer of Dyer Decorators

Pros –


saves time/a man footing
– quite small and easy to use
– safe enough

Cons –


– Bit pricey
– can only be used on hard level surfaces

Rojak Multi Stopper Review


We have been supplied the Rojak multi stopper free of charge via Facebook group Decorators Forum UK on the condition we provide an honest review of our findings. This is a ladder safety device. You simply feed the base of your ladder into the RojaK Multi-Stopper before you erect it. The Rojak acts as a base and stops your ladder from slipping. It essentially eliminates the need for the extra man footing the ladder.

Straight out of the box and there is no assembly required, which is always a little bonus. My first impression of the Rojak Multi Stopper was rather sceptical, although it is a sturdy, heavy duty item ,we wondered how it would work.

I don’t understand how it works, but it uses the weight of the workman and the ladder and transfers it into pressure at just the right angle to keep you safe. Rojak tell you it’s physics, I think it’s some sort of witchcraft. It works better than you think it should.

The Multi Stopper offers a lot more stability than we expected. We found it really saved us time is uneven ground. Even multi surface gardens of grass, gravel and concrete did not pose any problems at all. Plus, the useful height adjustment is easy to use. When at different heights it did not alter the stability in any way.

We undoubtedly feel safer using it and it’s become part of the kit to work outside, especially in winter and adverse weather conditions.

For more information on Rojak, please visit –, 0r for a similar, but cheaper device, look at this Ladder Stopper Review

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Updated Jun 22, 2024 | Posted Jul 21, 2017 | 0 comments

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