Renovating a Coffee Shop: How to do it Right


Running your own coffee shop can be tricky. There is a lot that goes into ensuring everything runs smoothly, and there is also a lot of pressure on you as a business leader. The hospitality industry was hit pretty hard during the pandemic, but coffee shops and restaurants are slowly making a comeback. Since restrictions have been lifted, people once again want to spend their money and catch up with friends. So, if you are planning on reopening your coffee shop, or looking to renovate one, you will need to make it look modern. Here are our tips on how to improve your chances of success.


Plan Ahead


You will be able to renovate a coffee shop to the specifics you prefer by planning ahead. Planning ahead means you will have an idea of your budget and what you will need to order from various suppliers. You may need to visit a few different tradesmen in order to install certain features of your shop. For example, you may need to hire an electrician to help with wiring, and you may need a carpenter in order to put together your furnishings. If you leave this to the last minute, you may find that no one within your budget is available, which sets you back on both time and money. Create a detailed plan that goes over how much you need, when you will need it, and how you will source it.


Make The Interior Welcoming


When people go out for a coffee, they want to go somewhere that has comfortable indoor seating. A coffee shop is always supposed to be a relaxing space, so make sure your interior creates that environment for your customers. Having a good variety of seats is always a good way to ensure everyone will be happy. Some welcoming sofa seats or armchairs will make your coffee shop feel cosy and snug. Additionally, in the age of remote work, it would be a good idea to make your coffee shop a place where people can work. Ensure that your customers have access to Wi-Fi and that they have somewhere to plug in their laptops. If you have a particular aesthetic for your coffee shop, then make sure your sockets work with the theme. For example, these BG brushed chrome sockets from Sparks Direct could work if you are wanting a modern look to your coffee shop. Brushed steel screwless flat plates can help give the desired effect for your sockets that help them stick out clearly while looking good at the same time.


Don’t Neglect the Exterior


While the interior of your shop is important, you shouldn’t neglect the exterior. After all, it could be the exterior that helps convince a potential customer to come to your coffee shop over another. There will be a few different ways you can do up the exterior, from applying a new lick of paint to adding some greenery. Consider what attracts you to a coffee shop. It could be the vibrant colours on display, or it could be the minimalist approach. If you think the exterior of your coffee shop looks a bit dated, then it could mean it’s time to renovate the outside. Don’t worry about the size of your coffee shop, as you may feel limited. Some coffee shops attract customers by doing what they can with the space. You will also need to make sure you include marketing on your coffee shop’s exterior. This means putting out menus and attractive-looking signs that catch the attention of potential customers in a subtle way.


Look For Vintage Furniture


A more fun way you can approach renovating your coffee shop is to shop for some vintage furniture. You will find that this is what many modern coffee shops have started doing, as it allows them all to find unique furniture and stand out. Vintage furniture can also be more affordable than new

furniture. You can also get away with using more worn furniture, as it will add to the desired effect that you’re going for. This is the perfect time to experiment with your furniture options, as you could find something more unique and something that you weren’t expecting. If you’re unsure what sort of furniture to look for, consider visiting other coffee shops in the area and visit a range of different vintage furniture stores to find something that stands out to you.

While renovating a coffee shop can be difficult, there is also a lot of opportunity for success. Many people prefer to shop independently, so you are definitely at an advantage by owning your own independent coffee shop. Take on board some of the advice in this article, keep working hard, and you will find renovating will be more fun than challenging.

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