Red Devil OneTime lightweight filler review

Red Devil Onetime Review

Mike Cupit


Lightweight fillers definitely have their place in any decorator’s van, usually on a shelf or box with other sundries. They certainly get talked about on the Decorators Forum an awful lot. In this article I’m going to explain why, as well as giving you my full Red Devil OneTime review.


When to use Red Devil

Generally, any time you’re decorating a room, you would fill imperfections on the walls as part of your prep, before applying emulsion. This is not when you should use your Red Devil. In fact, you’d be better off using a general-purpose powder filler, which dries faster and you can sand down.


But say you’ve done your prep and given all your walls a first coat of coloured emulsion. There will always be little liny imperfections you have missed! Frustrating! If you’re a perfectionist like me, which I’m sure you are, the job needs to be done correctly. This is where the Red Devil OneTime filler comes into its own. It is ready mixed so there’s no faffing around. Red Devil is nice and smooth and there is absolutely no sanding required. Simply go around the room with the filler, then touch up or “spot prime” the filler with your coloured emulsion, then apply your final coat.


Ooh, another occasion I’d use Red Devil OneTime filler is when I have lined the walls in a room ready to emulsion. I’m good at lining and I’m sure you would never notice my seams anyway, however, just to make sure, I wiz round every joint with a filling knife full of Red Devil. Sounds daft but it isn’t half satisfying.


Why Choose Red Devil OneTime?

I have used a lot of different lightweight fillers over the years. I like Red Devil OneTime because it seems to last in my van, it is smooth and it’s easy to apply, it doesn’t sag, it is reasonably priced, and you don’t need to sand it down!! What more do you want from a lightweight filler??


And that was my Red Devil OneTime review. I hope you found it useful. For more info click here.