When I received the Red Devil High-performance caulk, my first impressions were oh no as I thought it may be like there one stop filler, rather than a caulk. However I was pleasantly surprised.



Red Devil High-performance caulk and professional acrylic sealant

This is a flexible filler and has excellent joint movement capability +/- 12% and has a 12-year guarantee. Resistant to mould, this filler / sealant can be applied internally or externally and will adhere to most surfaces. Ideal for filling and sealing cracks and gaps in brickwork, stone, concrete and between skirting board and walls. As well as around window frames, architraves, cornices, PVC profile trims and cladding. Not suitable on PF, PP, Teflon and bituminous surfaces. This product should not be used below ground level.

Now I never have had an issue with caulk crazing or cracking. I always buy from trade caulk, It’s cheap and does the job.

I started to use this and it did flow better than other trade caulks. My fingers didn’t seem sticky and no caulk oozed out of the gun after I had finished.

The following day I painted as normal and perfect. No flashing, no crazing.

The only negative thing. Is where to buy it from? I’ve not seen it in any shops. Online it can vary from £2.49 – £3.50 and that’s without postage.

I’ll stick to my trade caulk for now, simply because it is on the shelf where I buy my paint from. However, if I do come across the Red Devil OneTime Caulk I’ll definitely pick a box up.


Red Devil High-performance caulk – for more info click here

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