OneTime Red Devil Caulk Sealant Review

By Rob Greenwood


OneTime Red Devil Caulk Sealant is a good all-round caulk, minimal shrinkage and crazing, even when using cheaper emulsion paints.

After using One Time Red Devil caulk sealant on a recent project, I am pleased to say it didn’t disappoint. In all honesty I haven’t had many caulks fail on me without it being down to user error. It’s either in cold conditions or trying to paint over it before the caulk has dried properly.


· Greater flexibility than other caulk brands

· Mould resistant

· Interior and exterior use

· 12-year guarantee!!


· not long working time

· no clear information on the website

· poor printing on the tube

With the writing appearing to be smudged on the tube; Using the product is guesswork. Although we all use caulk on a regular basis, it would be nice to know if it needs to be left for an hour or if it would need considerably longer. I also found that the caulk didn’t have a very long working time before it started to ‘roll up’, like how a pencil eraser does.

With a +/- 12% flexibility the One Time Red Devil Caulk Sealant gives you greater confidence when using on a new project. The mould resistant qualities of the product make ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

In conclusion, I like the OneTime Red Devil Caulk Sealant and would use it again, although it would not be my first choice due to the working time. I don’t really see anything else majorly wrong with the product.


For more information, check out Ciret’s website

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