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Rawlins Take Delivery of State-of-the-Art 2K Tinting Machine


Rawlins Paints have taken delivery of the first machine capable of tinting Maston 2K spray paint. The ONLY multi-use 2K aerosol in the world!


This revolutionary product is perfect for use outdoors, boasting great adhesion, longevity, finish, and resistance to contaminants such as oil and petrol. Rawlins now have the capability of tinting this product into over 2,500 different colours! For more information, please visit –


Other benefits of Maston 2K include –


  • 2 Components in 1 can with no need to activate.
  • No wastage as product can be used for up to 6 months once tinted.
  • No minimum qty on spray cans. Customer can order 1 can, to finish a job (competitor is a minimum buy of 9 cans).
  • Easy to use on multiple surfaces and optimal in direct to metal applications


Tom Lawton, Maston UK & Ireland Sales Manager said, “this is a great step forward, not only for Maston, but for paint innovation in the UK. The feedback we’ve had about our 2K product has been fantastic, and now decorators can have it tinted into any colour they like.”


Maston makes painting easy. Maston is an innovative surface treatment professional owned by its personnel. The past decade the company has focused strongly on research and development and managed to innovate high-quality products, which are available internationally. The company is focused to differentiate their products using cutting edge technology and innovations. The key technologies have been internationally patented in line with the company’s internalisation strategy.


To leafrn more about Maston, please visit –