Purdy Launches New Pail


Purdy, a professional painting tools manufacturer, has launched its Purdy Pail, a one litre capacity paint bucket designed for convenience and efficiency. With different grip options, a brush magnet, and a mini roller ramp, the Purdy Pail is an ideal addition to a decorator’s tool set.

The new Purdy Pail has been ergonomically designed for professionals; to reduce hand fatigue, the Pail comes with a multi-grip option, including a coffee-cup style adjustable hand grip for pouring and holding, and a flexible bail handle for general carrying. This flexible bail has been manufactured to fit securely onto a ladder hook for hanging, keeping both hands free to work safely.

The Pail has been designed with a side mini roller rest that fits up to 4.5” mini roller sleeves and interior moulding to keep rollers out of the paint, preventing them from becoming saturated. The mini roller grid, moulded into the pail, will ensure excess paint is removed and that equal pick-up of product is distributed throughout for a flawless application.

For those requiring brushes for cutting in and adding detail, the Pail has an integrated brush magnet which can fit brushes up to a width of 3”. Decorators can now hold their favourite brushes on the side of the pail, preventing them from falling in the paint and aiding a quicker, tidier, and more efficient job.

Lastly, to reduce time on-site, the Purdy Pail is available with pail liners that come in packs of 3 which maintain the roll-off grid pattern of the pail and allow for quick colour changes and clean up once work is completed.

Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy said: “When creating new products, we take our customer feedback on-board to ensure we provide professional decorators with high-quality products that aid a professional finish.

“With our new Purdy Pail, we have launched a practical painter’s pail with ergonomic handling that makes manoeuvring and decorating incredibly simple whilst minimising mess and safety concerns.”

For more information on the Purdy Pail and to find your nearest stockist, please visit www.purdy.co.uk/purdy-pail.

Purdy launches the new paint pail, which is perfect for holding your paintbrush, mini roller and paint while you're working off a ladder
purdy launches the paint pail which clips on a ladder

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It sounds like there is a lot of thought gone into the design of the new Purdy Pail to make it as comfortable and practical as it possibly can be. It has everything you’re ever going to need from a tool of this type. One of the big issues we face is ladder safety, so for this to be able to hold paint, a mini roller and a brush, all while clipping onto a ladder and making it hands free, is perfect!! We can see the new Purdy Pail being a big hit in the decorating world!!

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