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Quirky Kitchen

Harrie Interiors

My clients were the most fun, welcoming, friendly people I have ever met. Put it this way, they put a slice of cake and a cup of tea out for the post man every single morning. They always had a smile on their face. 

Tracy and David are foster parents. Their whole house is full of love and laughter, and it’s certainly reflected in their decor. Every time I paint for them, they never shy away from colour. Which is an obscurity in this age of grey that is sweeping our nation. My last project for them was their 3 story hall stairs and landing. Each floor was painted with ascending hues of purple. 

Delighted with the results they allowed me a little more free reign for their latest redecoration. They wanted something different. ‘We appreciate it’s a bit marmite’ they said, ‘but we absolutely love it!’ “We don’t know anyone else with anything similar’. 

I’ve certainly never been asked for anything like it either. The walls were sprayed with Tikkurila’s Optiva 20, obviously touching up scrapes and scratches would be out of the question. So I finished it with a matt varnish Kiva 10 for extra durability.  

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