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Liquid wallpaper

Would you like to give your walls a completely new and unique look? Why not try a liquid wallpaper? It will give your home and/or business premises a very cosy yet sleek and luxurious feel and will definitely be a talking point for a long time to come.

  • SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is ECO-FRIENDLY product;
  • Natural, odourless material, NO CHEMICALS;
  • SEAMLESS and very elastic;
  • Hides uneven, old and faded walls, PARTIAL REPAIRS are possible;
  • NO CRACKS: Perfect for new buildings;
  • LONG LASTING and durable material;
  • Antistatic, so NO DUST & DIRT;
  • Additional insulation of heat and sound;
  • BREATHABLE (allows walls to breathe);
  • Available in a large variety of NATURAL AND VIBRANT colours, shades and different textures;
  • Stainless finishing material, EXCELLENT QUALITY.

You can make patterns, decide on bespoke designs or just add more sparkles to make it all your way ✨

Don’t hesitate to contact me on +44 7447 899149 for a free quote or if you are just being curious and would like to explore this unique wall covering material a bit more.

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