Extraordinary work carried out

by Shania Longbottom

This work was completed by Shania Longbottom, who is doing a level 2 diploma in painting and decorating at Lincoln Collage. The work was carried out as part of one of Shania’s assessment pieces.

All the work was done free hand apart from the 2 vertical lines down the colour gradient & the stencilling, which she had to cut out. The paint she used was Dulux Trade vinyl matt and eggshell.

I think we can safely say without a doubt that Shania is a very talented young decorator with a bright future ahead of her. We wish her the best of luck in the years to come

We originally sprayed to a finish on all walls and ceilings as we wanted a real fine flat finish, de masked everything, then the interior designer changed the colour scheme.

We applied a further 4 coats of Farrow & Ball estate emulsion with a drop of Floetrol to give a real smooth flat finish again. The TV cabinets were hand painted using Tikkirual Helmi 10, 2 prier coats, followed by 2 top coats and an American wide width pier paper was hung to fill the gap ​

​The oak was left natural and the designers then dressed the areas.

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