Professional Decorators Give Hints and Tips for Applying Wallpaper

ProDec asked professional decorators from the Decorators Forum to give away their trade secrets, hints and tips for applying wallpaper to a professional standard

Your top tips for wallpaper application.

Always line the walls first and invest in a pasting machine, best money you ever spent 😀 .

Always read the label before starting. Plan out where you will start and finish. Always use the correct adhesive for the type of paper you are hanging. .

Always read the label. Ensure correct batch numbers. Measure twice. Don’t rush! Sharp blades & keep everything clean. .

Use a decent pasting table. .

Get a pasting machine

Don’t be afraid of the paper – get it up on the wall it’s not made of cobwebs and pixie dust

Measure, then measure again

Plan a few drops ahead .

If you have bright coloured paper paint lines of same colour on to the wall around the areas where there will be a join in the paper – In case you have small gaps in your joins these will be hidden by the matching colour of the wall underneath. .

3 p’s always- size your walls well helps when applying always check your measurements check 3 times cut once and always plumb your walls and finally a sharp blade .

Always Cross line! better finish.

Always read the instructions.

Use quality tools.

Keep your hands clean.

Check your insurance if your removing radiators. If you’re not covered always ask the customer to have them removed. .

Measure twice, cut once…. .

Soak time is critical. Don’t rush and pull things about. Take your time to avoid unnecessary tears and heartache. .

Always read the label before starting, sometimes something like reverse hang etc can be missed if you don’t ! .

Read the label .

Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully .

when hanging a non-descript pattered wallpaper always snip a small corner off the paper ,,that way you will always know which is the top of the paper, .

Always use ready mixed paste. .

Measure twice, cut once

Check plumb regular and after each corner .

Keep a calm mind

Make sure all tools are within reach.

Dab your sponge don’t wipe .

Do whatever you have to, to make the wall sound. Line it or skim. .

I always paste the paper and the wall for better movement and less chance of seems lifting .

Follow instructions ie soaking times.

Sharp blades and patience! .

Plan your room/wall before you lift a tool. .

Plan ahead, measure prepare. .

Keep everything spotlessly clean & don’t rush anything .

Keep fingernails short. .

Make sure paper edge is nicely pasted.

Always use a sharp blade for trimming.

Don’t over push on seems. .

Check batch codes

Give yourself plenty of space

Sharp blades

Don’t rush it

Measure twice, cut once

Tea break halfway through .

Take your time, use sharp blades and caulk your internals the day before if possible. .

Keep all your gear clean. .

Get somebody else to do it and go on holiday .

Use a 3m paste table. Easier to cut lengths and paste without moving paper too much.

Always use a straight edge.

Snap blade after every 2 cuts, top and bottom.

Keep knife as low as possible when cutting.

I mean these are all standard things! I’ve got nothing that’s gonna stand out from the crowd. .

Always calculate your measurements right .

Always read the soaking time with any paper as I’ve always found the soaking time makes a massive difference. .

Sound preparation. Absorbent surfaces sized using a diluted paste. Imperfections on walls fill and sanded. And where appropriate lining paper hung first. Lining paper reduces seam splitting and gives a uniform backing for top paper. .

Steer clear of it or get someone else to do it. .

There is a lot of paste the wall stuff out there now makes it so much easier. .

also, don’t get put off certain wall papers because others have had trouble with it, be confident in your knowledge and ability .

Never do it while the customer is in the room .. then they can’t see where u cocked up!! .

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