Problems with Armstead Trade Contract Matt

by Terry Easton

So, I painted out a loft conversion recently, using Armstead contract matt in white.
I sprayed the mist coat, then cut and rolled a following two coats. The ceiling was very large and dropped to the floor.
It flashed like nothing I’d ever seen before!! Around down lights and anywhere that received a strongest light.

I told the customer I was not happy with the finish. They said they will live with it.
So, I went to Dulux today and they as good as said “it isn’t very good quality. It flashes like crazy, even when you keep a wet edge.” I ended up having to buy some supermatt

Did I miss the point somewhere?????

Try Tikkurila Anti reflex.

Luigi Sorrentino

It’s a contract matt! Basically, it’s a primer for walls and ceilings before you put a decent coat of paint on. Its Not a finish coat paint

Spencer Dolman

You are never going to get a great finish with Contract Matt, I only use Contract for mist coating.

Andrew James

I Only use for misting

Jamie Jamo Hales

I won’t touch it

Lydia Bailey

I only use Anti Reflex 2 now.

Alan Saddler

Tikkurila Anti-reflex 2 all day long. I don’t use anything else, it’s the best ceiling paint

Martyn Djpiro Turner

Tikkurila Super white or Anti-Reflex

Daniel James Wilson

It’s cheap contract matt what did you expect 😂 mist coat only when using that stuff

Nathan Veall

Sprays well if its thinned

Sam Hopkins

Tikkurila Anti reflex definitely

Howard J Double

It’s got a slight sheen to it but remember all paint flashes when the light is bellowing down the wall. Why give yourself the head ache of telling the customer you weren’t happy?

Sam Simpson

Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2. quality gear and doesn’t flash either

Craig Smoggy Adams

Armstead is crap and goes yellow!!!

A.One Decorations

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