Polyvine Decorators Varnish – Part of the Home, Indoors and Out


Our decorators varnish is our hero product, and is a varnish that can be used in a variety of situations in your home, protecting a wide range of surfaces against finger marks, stains, scuffing and colour fading.  The key USPs for this varnish is that it is waterproof and offers UV protection.  Available in gloss, satin or the very popular dead flat for a completely non-reflective finish. 


Protect emulsion paint with our decorators varnish.  After days of preparation and painting, protecting your work with this varnish should be the very last part of the process to give you a long-lasting result. 


Protect the beautiful design of wallpaper with the decorators varnish.  Designed to completely protect from colour fading and giving it water resistance, you can use this product and keep it dead flat so it won’t even show up to any prying eyes. 


Decorators varnish can be used to protect against scuffing, finger marks and colour fading on both painted and non-painted wooden furniture. 


Also designed to be used externally, decorators varnish has been used on Murals all over the world to prevent fading from UV and to keep the beautiful artwork in its original state. 

Visit www.polyvine.com for more information, find your local stockist or to order online. 

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Polyvine – Decorators Varnish – Part of the Home, Indoors and Out