Pioneer Spirit Paintbrush Review 

by Michael Lotherington of MJL Property Services ltd


I’ve been pretty much a full time Purdy user over the last 20 years until last year when a few Ice fusion brushes were added to my collection- In all honesty these are reached for before the Purdys now as I find they hold more paint- so my eyes are now very much open to different manufacturers…

Enter the Pioneer Spirit brush paintbrush

My initial thoughts were that it seemed well made, and I was really impressed by the thick plastic case it came with- We’ve all had a good brush end up mishapen after shoving it in some crevice of a tool bag on a Friday afternoon… anyway…

After using it side by side with the pro fusion I was surprised to find that these brushes hold even more paint than those, they cut in very well and the paint just kept coming out of it. I’ve been using them more and more over the last few weeks and they’ve moved up the ranks to my first choice out of the brush box for emulsion. Time is money at the end of the day and these brushes really shift.


Time will tell how they hold up and how they wear but so far so good.


Pioneer Spirit paintbrush review – For where to buy, click here


The best place online I have found is My Paintbrush using discount code DF8 at the checkout.

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