Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter Brush Review

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The Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter Brush comes in various sizes, but is normally bought by the box. It has a long handle, stainless steel ferrule and black synthetic bristles. You can buy this brush online, or from several stockists around the UK. A box of three brushes will set you back around £10.

As a professional decorator, I’ve been using this paintbrush for years. I thought it was time I put pen to paper to share my thoughts for the Decorators Forum UK.


My Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter Brush Review


This brush, a far as I can tell from reading online, is designed for use with  both water and oil-based paint. However, with oil-based paint becoming a thing of the past, I tend to use them in emulsion or water-based satinwood. The Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter Brush has a thick stock and space between the bristles. The brush is designed this way, as it means it will hold loads of paint.

There is a slight angle to the bristles, which is perfect for “squaring up” your paint (working it into every corner). It also helps when you’re striking a sharp line between two colours. The brush itself is extremely easy to control and comfortable to work with.


I suffer from tennis elbow, so comfort is important for me as a decorator. Some paintbrushes are clunky and not very well balanced, which leads to added strain on my arm. This is another reason I opt for the Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter Brush.

Bristle loss isn’t an issue at all. I’ve seen comments to the contrary on Facebook, but I genuinely don’t have a problem, and I use this brush often. I think people are getting the Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter mixed up with a different paintbrush.

The last thing to mention is how easy this brush is to clean. Because there is space in-between the bristles, it is much easier to rinse excess paint from the Oval Cutter. I tend to use a some washing up liquid to speed the process even further.


Final Thoughts


I think it’s clear from my review that I really like this paintbrush. It’s easy to create sharp lines with it, plus the Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter is cheaper than just about any other paintbrush a decorator might have in his or her arsenal. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Pioneer Spirit Oval Cutter Brush Review – by Mike Gregory

Posted Feb 19, 2023 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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