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Pioneer Brush Co Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of handcrafted professional grade paintbrushes. With our origins tracing back to the 1930s as merchants of all components and raw materials and as dressers of natural bristles and fine hairs for use in brush and broom manufacture, we have a history and an expertise in all aspects of brush manufacture that is second to none.

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Address - Stross House, Broad Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 3SA

Pioneer brush company - British made paint brushes
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Our origins trace back to the 1930s as merchants of all

components and raw materials, and as dressers of natural

bristles and fine hairs.


We at Pioneer have a history and an expertise in all aspects of

brush manufacture and with research and development, we are

able to bring you some of the worlds finest paint brushes.


We believe that a craftsman demands and deserves the best,

and for the professional decorator, the right paint brush

is of utmost importance.


All of our products are produced to the highest standards with

only in-house filling blends that have been developed to ensure

excellent paint pick-up and a smooth release.

paint brushes manufactured for professional painter and decorators
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We make high-end workwear, designed and developed with the cutting-edge technology for comfort, practicality and style! Our Painters’ whites are water-resistant, meaning dirt and paint will not stick to them. You will be able to wash them on a colder temperature and they will come out sparkling every time!


Our 4-Way-Stretch Painters’ Trousers are developed for the ultimate comfort in the full range of your body’s movement at work. Whether you’re bending over, kneeling, standing or sitting.


Stand out from other decorators in your area by wearing the best workwear on the market!


With roots firmly planted in the heartland of the Swedish textile industry, Blåkläder has a long and proud history of clothing production, both for the fashion industry and the industrial sector. With more than 60 years in the business, this family-run company has a deep and genuine knowledge of clothing production.


Blåkläder is a growing company, and we plan to continue that path. Our vision is to spread high-quality functional workwear across the world. To do that, we need great manufacturing resources and, perhaps most importantly, full control over production. We have full insight at our factories, and that’s a conscious choice. It is, quite simply, the best way of ensuring quality in the long run. Not only in our end products, but also in areas such as working conditions, environmental concern and choice of suppliers.


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